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We focus on helping well doers and donors identify and verify charitable organizations and areas of need in African communities.

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Our Story

Africa has been like home since 1993. Though we were deployed here first under the military in Rwanda, working as peacekeepers, we have learned to embrace the loss, struggle, and pressure that comes with cultural conflict. We stand firm on being one people. As is in scripture, there is no more Jew or Gentile. We are all one in Messiah. We are now equipped by the Holy Spirit / Ruach HaQuodesh, and years of experience to help liberate the captives in Africa. We invite partners in the field, or in financial support to ensure that the mission work serves intently the people of Africa.

Our Mission

Our priority is seeking out the lost tribes of Israel in Eastern Africa. We do this by first following the model that Yeshua/ Jesus given to us through His Ministry while alive here on earth. Jesus told us before he left, “if you love me obey my commandments.” One of the strictest examples of how serious these commandments are is given to us in the book of Matthew chapter 25:31. It’s given to us in the form of a parable of the sheep and the goat. The description given gives us a very clear understanding of the difference between a sheep and a goat and ending with an extreme warning of destruction in a lake of fire for those living the life of a goat, it’s our mandate to comply and obey the commission of caring for the widows, for the orphans for the one that is in prison, one who is beaten, naked, hungry, on the side of the road, our mission is to be the Good Samaritan.

Our Vision

Empowering and improving marginalized lives.

What We Do

Verify charity organizations

We help donors ensure their money goes where they need it to go by verifying organizations for donating

Verifying charity projects

While operating in Africa, we are able to identify pressing needs and dire situations requiring urgent support

Overseeing Projects

we oversee projects constructions and renovations for donors to enhance transparency and accountability

Feeding Programs

We ran feeding programs in slums, villages, remote areas and also children’s homes we support

Our Mission & Approach

The Messianic Ministry and Mission Africa take a unique eye on the ground, approach for the benevolent individuals around the world. We ensure that they are not swindled and that their donations are prudently used towards the causes that they give – Overseeing

We run on a minimal budget, thus having most funds directed to the actual causes.

With your help, we are improving the life of the marginalized

Mishlei/Proverbs 14:21 and 23 21: “He who despises his fellows sins, But he who shows compassion to the humble is happy.” 23: “In all work there’s profit But mere talk produces only poverty.” Support us in continuing to improve the lives of less privileged in African communities including people living in slums and children living in orphanages. Support us in continuing to improve the lives of less privileged in African communities including people living in slums and children living in orphanages.

All Current Campaigns

Our Ministry

With your help, we are doing more than providing physical needs and food

“And the GOOD NEWS about the Kingdom will be preached out throughout the whole world so that all nations will hear it.” MattiYahu/Matthew 24:14
Following the commandments of our Messiah providing spiritual food along with physical needs.
Baruch Hashem Adonai


With our operations, our impact has been felt in Rwanda, Uganda, S. Sudan, Congo and Kenya


We have over 40 volunteers working directly and indirectly with us

Children Fed

Over one thousand children in East Africa have benefited from our feeding programs.

Instantly Make Your Impact

The Messianic Ministry & Mission Africa ensures that every donation goes directly to the need

Weekly Updates

Our weekly updates ensure that we keep you updated on our latest projects and activities.

Good afternoon from here in Nairobi Kenya…..

We apologize for the late updates on our website here…. We have been incredibly busy…… Both in Uganda and here in Kenya….. We had to do a upgrade to the solar system power at Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi….Which is now been accomplished and we're so grateful…. In...

September 3rd 2022 UPDATE….. It has been a very busy last few weeks since our last update…. Here is the list of accomplishments…. Uganda Agape childrens home….. First…..Finished all of the exterior fencing around both properties……. Second ……Manufactured and welded all...

Here is our overall weekly update for our website Sunday…..

We have accomplished a few things again….Completed the kitchen shelter Agape childrens home Uganda Secured a deposit on the steel doors for the children's home Uganda to replace the old wooden doors to keep the children safe as they sleep at night. And as we can see...

Good evening everyone and sorry for the late website general update

We were able to finish building the pedestal for the 10000 litre water tank… The water tank we had originally been quoted on was a very substandard tank…..Now looking at getting a Ken tank which is a high-quality tank…. We are seeking $1600…..And hoping and praying we...

Good afternoon everyone it is time again that we update the website…..It was a very hectic week especially at Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi. We had an incredible burdened with medical expenses. We were not able to do anything with projects this week because of extra...

Here is our latest update for May 22nd 2022… beginning with Uganda

We are a little bit late with getting to this because we have been having struggles with basic needs and other projects….. So we apologize for the delay… But the children have been back in school for 2 weeks for the 2nd term…..This means the school had to provide...

We want to begin by thanking all of you for your prayers and support…..
Without Adonai and your faithfulness none of this would be possible.

We were able to pay the balance of $480 for school fees Gathanithi Orphanage NairobiBaruch Hashem ❤️ We were able to get baby Testimony and Aron to hospital for consultation with plastic surgery specialist…. they are both going back on the 31st and Arons surgery for...

URGENT NEED: School Fees and Medical Fund Drive…

Good evening everyone,a regular update to keep you all abreast with our current doingsat Gathaithi Orphanage. The going is relatively good, we are keeping up quite well.Our immense gratitude to all those who have time and again chipped in on our numerous projectsfor...

It’s Back to School at Gathaithi OVC Our Projection for School Fees: 1800 CD

Good evening everyone, first and foremost is to send our hearts out to all our partnerswho in every little way are changing lives in a big way. To every one of you, our immeasurablegratitude - from us to you.As some of you could be aware of, schools in Kenya are now...

The Sewerage and the Plumbing work is now done at Gathaithi OVC – Kenya

An update on the recent accomplished projects at Gathaithi OVC in Kenya -A lot has been done on the sewerage systems; this has been our sole focus this past week;we have intensely redone the plumbing work from the inside and outside the building,the sinks have too...

Our Mandate in Prayer

We are in a battle for our eternal life ? We are entering the persecution stage the greatest persecution ever in history. So tonight, we will pray the prayer that is clear. ” You desire things and don’t have them. You kill, and you are jealous, and you still can’t get them. So, you fight and quarrel. The reason you don’t have is that you don’t pray !!!” James chapter 4 :2

Our Prayer

Heavenly Father great God of creation. God of Avraham ,Yitz’chak and Ya’akov Living God of Daniel God and Father of Yeshua Hamashiach. We worship You alone In the Darkness, You are the Light. In the storm, You are the Anchor. In the face of terrorism, You are our Shield. In the time of War, You are our Shalom. In our weakness, you are our Strength. In our grief, You are our Comfort. In our despair, You are our Hope. In our confusion, You are our Wisdom. In times of uncertainty, when buildings Implode, bombs explode, Stock markets slide, violent riots take to the streets, people committing suicide, forced lockdown and pandemic, churches and congregation houses being attacked and closed, soon banks will be collapsing, businesses are going bankrupt from this pandemic, and even homes will be foreclosed…… When the nation’s rage and the people imagine a vain thing….

When the rulers take a stand and gather together against Adonai…. When the earth beneath us breaks apart……. When the sky above us is torn by lightning and thunder…… When the air around us is swirling dervish of violence…… When the mountains fall into the midst of the sea…… When the waters Roar and foam…… When nations are in uproar and kingdoms fall…… When everything gives way, YOU ARE THE ROCK ON WHICH WE STAND!!!!! Save us from ourselves. Free us from the Chokehold of sin! Bring the nations to repentance / Teshuvah Protect us from our enemies. Spare us from Your Judgment. But right now, give us the strength to withstand the violent tribulation and trial from the adversary the devil. We are pleading with You for an outpouring of Your Spirit on us, on our families, on our congregations, and on our nation’s. Send down Your Ruach HaQuodesh in Shavuot fullness!! Captivate us by Your love Ahavah!! Rend our hearts with deep conviction and sorrow for our sin! Draw us back to the foot of the Starous/Cross. Plunge us beneath the fountain filled with the Blood of our Salvation, Then…..REVIVE OUR HEARTS !! FILL OUR HEARTS! IGNITE OUR HEARTS! …… with a pure and holy passion to love You and to live our lives for You and for Your glory alone! Then use us to bring Revival to the hearts of all of Your peoples, Nations, tribes and tongues!! We are asking You to saturate us in Your Holiness, Purity, Righteousness, justice, power, mercy, Grace, truth/ Emet, and AHAVAH/ LOVE. Saturate us in Yourself, so that all may see You reflected in us.

We are asking You to revive the confidence of our faith and the authenticity of our personal relationship with You! Bring us back to the Sabbath rest in You alone. Forgive us for having our minds on the things of this world and not obeying the Supreme Rest which you give us. We are asking for one more great Spiritual Awakening before the tribulation which we are at the doorstep right now…. Even more Spiritual Awakening during the tribulation…. But most importantly for those who still are stubborn and stiff-necked before the end of the Great Tribulation when Messiah returns and the ekklesia are taken we pray repentance over all the nations. Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu ve’Elohei avoteinu Elohei Avraham, Yitz’chak, and Ya’akov. Oh, Holy and ALMIGHTY GOD, look on Your peoples who are called by Your Mighty Name. Hear our prayer, our petition. Listen to our pleas. Have mercy on us. Let the Fire of the Ruach HaQuodesh Holy Spirit fall fresh on us and burn up all that is waste…. and unclean. Your Mighty Name is your promise, and You have promised that You will do whatever we ask in Yeshua’s Name…… according to Your will and Your promises. So please, hear our voices, answer us according to your Good Will and promise in the Name above all Names Yeshua Hamashiach Adonai. Amein.

“The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.”

Proverbs 11:25

Good morning wonderful family of Elohim……
From our family here in Kenya we are praying that you will have a blessed preparation day.

For the last couple of weeks I have really been struggling with the way a rabbi answered a question at a conference here in Kenya …… regarding ; " should Christians study Torah ?" The rabbi truly struggled to answer this question…. Mostly because of what people see...

Good afternoon from here in Kenya and good morning to you in North America.

Today I want to weigh in on a subject that I have been teaching on quite a bit these last few months. In various congregations and churches that I connect with on zoom especially from North America on Sabbath…..They always include prayer for the National leaders and...

Good morning from Kenya ??

Watching from the other side of the world what is happening in United States and Canada is like watching a movie.It is incredible to me how my friends in Canada are telling me I don't ever want to come back it is becoming a communist land.It seems like freedom is...

So many people are panicking during this end time World wide tribulation …. buying things like buckets of dry goods food to escape famine, war, pestilence, and moving of the grid to avoid persecution.

When you study The Bible in context you realize for the most part history repeats itself and everything is a tapestry. All of the answers to our future are definitely encrypted in the history of the Tanakh . 366 times we are commanded not to fear.Enjoy the teaching....

Reflection this morning on my journey over the last 30-year period.
For the most part, my being here writing this is a miracle.
The road was long and hard, with so many winds and turns.
Becoming completely dependent on Hashem to bring me through.

I have learned so much about how Adonai works through us.Literally breaking us of self-centered reliance, and teaches us His yoke is easy. But, most importantly, He empowers us to do the work !When the Apostle Paul / Rav Saul says " through Him I can do all...