Weekly Updates

Good afternoon everyone it is time again that we update the website…..
It was a very hectic week especially at Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi. We had an incredible burdened with medical expenses.

We were not able to do anything with projects this week because of extra medical expenses…

We have completely depleted our medical funding account…. And we desperately need help to build it back up…..

For medical we are responsible for two orphanages….. Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi and God’s Grace Orphanage Uganda.

Altogether the total of children that we are helping and being responsible for, between these two orphanages, is about 120 children.
We are really working with a shoestring budget and we desperately need more people to partner with us…..

Our goal is to keep at least $1000 on reserve for any medical emergencies….

We are really struggling with getting basic needs each week…..
The bare minimum we need each week is at least $1000…. This is getting them just enough to live on…. Besides the children we also help close to 100 people in village outreach near Nakuru ……This is a total vegetarian diet we cannot afford to buy meat……

We were blessed with projects money over the last few months and were able to build chicken coops and buy chickens which are giving them eggs…

But even chicken feed costs money and we desperately need help in all areas…..

This is a membership drive ….. we want 100 people to partner with us and commit to at least $20 a week….

The website is set up that either way you donate, you can have it come out automatically every week or every month look for the options on the PayPal and the stripe account.

We are so grateful for the partners that we have but it has been a struggle and a strain for many…..
Just a few people over the last couple of years due to COVID-19…..
So please we are asking for you to pray as a family and ask God for direction….

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support and keep sharing this website with all your friends family and study groups….. We really need your help to get the word out.
Have a blessed week
Shavua Tov Shalom ?

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