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Donating Mattresses Nema Children’s Home Nairobi

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Good morning from here in Kenya we had a great day on Sunday, 2 May 2021 at Nema Mercy Orphanage here in Nairobi Kenya.

We delivered all the beds now, all the girls have a new bed to sleep on.
We are so grateful to the few people that have partnered with us and have stayed faithful and have helped create this miracle.

It is amazing how much our Heavenly Father cares for us…..
Looking back at the last five years working with this orphanage I am amazed at how much work we did.

We have come so far and these children have grown into responsible productive hard-working children of Adonai.
It shows in scripture we will know them by their fruit.
The hearts of the people who have joined with us stepping out in faith have produced great fruit.
Elohim’s hand is definitely on these children.

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This week we need to get the deposit for the senior students and their student fees.
Even if you can’t donate please pray that there will be an outpouring of help in this area.
Without a proper education there is no hope for a child, there is no future for a child in Eastern Africa,

We are desperately needing more partners financially, please consider partnering with us today and make a huge difference.
100% of the money donated goes completely towards education fees, food supplies, Bedding, clothing, toiletries, and renovation work, construction supplies.

Also since they have lifted the restrictions here in Kenya we are seeking to travel to Kampala Uganda to meet with the caregivers for the orphanage in the Congo and also South Sudan.
We pray and we ask you to pray for Hashem to make a way.

The work we have done here in Kenya between the women’s outreach and Orphanage has been so successful as these are almost 100% self-sufficient.
Our goal is to now continue to carry this model to these other countries with very large orphanages and Outreach.

Please consider becoming a monthly partner and working with us .
For more information and access to our website please contact us privately.

Baruch Hashem

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