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Baby Testimony’s Surgery…

Hello everyone, just a quick update on the progress of Baby Testimony.
We called upon our partners to chip in for the fundraising of Baby Testimony’s Surgery.
She has been going through some skin grafting procedures while awaiting surgery.
You all know the plight that befell this little angel; we have been putting you up to speed with
her steady progress to almost now – full recovery.
The pictures are all herein, since admission to discharge. Thanking you will never be enough to express our immense
gratitude. More so, some of you have gone beyond our expectations – making sure that the mother and siblings are catered
for the whole of this time. As you are all aware, the mother had to stop going for her usual casual labor to take care
of the child.
On the surgery fundraising call – we are happy to let all of you know that we now have the enough amount
for Baby Testimony to undergo this. God’s grace has been sufficient; we had the total amount for the surgery reduced
significantly; and we now have enough to cover everything.
We will keep you updated on her progress in regard to the surgery.
Thank you so much everyone, for unceasingly putting in so much on our earnest calls.
God Bless You…Baruch Hashem.

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