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Good evening everyone, putting you up to speed with the current happenings, projects and our aspirations moving forward.
We are so happy to let you know that we are now all done with Solar Power Project at Gathaithi OVC.
As you are all aware of with the Solar Power Project at Gathaithi OVC, we started off with the phase one, that was
done and dusted a couple of weeks ago.
We have now finalized our Second Phase; this was basically to enable the powering of high consumption appliances –
The Deep Freezer, The Refrigerator and any other appliance in the OVC that requires quite some high consumption
of power.
The drive for this project was to cut off on the expenses with the Hydro-Power which can get so high (costly) at times,
more so the supply is unrealiable; they more often than not experience power outages.
We had to look into other alternatives, hence the coming up with the need to have this done.
And now, it’s done –
Thank you to all our partners who made this a great success.
We can never be more grateful.

Our Next Project:
As you can all deduce from the vides attached herein –
The doors for the Girls’ and the Boys’ Dormitory are in some really desperate conditions.
We want to get this all fixed – A replacement with some new steel doors will come in handy; and this is exactly
what we are doing next.
On this, we are projecting the amount at 1200 CD – for both the Dormitories.
Kindly share on this need; consider giving a hand to have this done as soon as possible.
As on our original aspiration, we are looking to touching as many lives as possible.
Be a partner today – put a smile on a child’s face.

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