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Gathaithi Orphanage: Our accomplished projects so far, and our current needs, moving forward…

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Good evening everyone what a busy day it was today.
So just to update everyone where we are at.

We bought all the blankets and pillows
We have now but half of the mattress is needed for all of the children and Wednesday all of the double decker bedframes will arrive to fit the mattresses we have…..
We are hoping we can raise the funds to buy the other half in the next couple of weeks we will take out the worst beds which are in the boys dormitory and replace them first.

Also we desperately need to buy the large cooking pots 45 litre pots .
We need to get four of them and they are about $120 each for heavy bottom pots.

We also want to buy another truck load of water this week…..
We also need to do some work on some of the lighting and we desperately need to get paint to brighten up the boys and girls dormitory is it looks like a prison it is so depressing.

We have 18 children who are hiv-positive and what we have done so far has lifted their spirits beyond description.

We are grateful we are so grateful for the help we are getting here…. But we also want to try and help change the diet it is almost like a prison diet mostly eating beans everyday…. So over the next few weeks we are going to go over some changes to their diet and hopefully we can help with more meat which is totally missing from the diet and change up a little bit from rice and beans.

We brought them a large bale of clothing on the weekend we would like to get another one they are so depleted when it comes to clothing.

So here is where we are at so far.
We still need to collect $600 for basic needs this week for Nema mercy Orphanage and village outreach.

We received $600 to go to wards the work we are doing at the orphanage we used half of that money today to finish the plumbing the taps and all the rest were quite expensive as well we have to pay for cement too close in what we had to break open.
That left us with $300….. Which we were just shy for paying the welder for the bed frames so now we have just broke even.
So we would like to get the basic needs hopefully by tomorrow and we’re praying that we can get at least another $500 for 4 of the large cooking pots…. We’re hoping to deliver these on Wednesday when the bed frames show up.

So please pray that this miracle happens I truly believe and truly know Hashems hand is on these children..!!!
Baruch Hashem

Total need right now
600 basic needs Nema mercy Orphanage and village outreach

500 cooking pots

100 truck load of water
Total $ 1200

Next week we will work on getting the money needed for the rest of the beds
I know this will happen
This is so amazing !!!
Love you All so much

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