Good morning wonderful family of Elohim……
From our family here in Kenya we are praying that you will have a blessed preparation day.

For the last couple of weeks I have really been struggling with the way a rabbi answered a question at a conference here in Kenya …… regarding ; ” should Christians study Torah ?”

The rabbi truly struggled to answer this question…. Mostly because of what people see here on social media buy extreme Torah police.

So today I have chosen this subject for our preparation day lesson…..
There are 66 books in the Bible and every one of them is God’s instruction….. Which in Hebrew would be Hashems Torah.

So please enjoy this teaching….


” All Scripture is God-breathed and is valuable for teaching ( instruction / Torah ) the TRUTH, CONVICTING of Sin, CORRECTING faults and TRAINING in right living ” 2nd Timothy 3:16 CJB …..

You would think with this passage of scripture alone it is enough to give you the answer….
But we will not leave it at this…..
This message is just as important for the Hebrew roots to grasp as the Christians.

For those people in Hebrew roots please don’t be offended by the letter J in this teaching….
We are trying to reach an English-speaking audience as well.. not everyone went to Hebrew School…. Don’t forget where you came from.

Judah / Yahudah had once been steeped in the truth.
She had been founded on faith in God / Yod Hey Vav Hey,….. and was birthed as a result of His promises.

She had God’s laws, 613 commands and statutes, summarised by the 10 words, or 10 commandments, that taught her God’s standards.

She had then just as we have today the written revelation of God, going all the way back to the beginning of time, teaching her about not only laws, but God’s character, His faithfulness, Righteousness, Kindness, Goodness and forgiveness…… with revelation through Discipline that exemplifies His Power, Purpose, Patience and Promises.

Judah/ Yahudah was given a written record of her own history traced through Avraham’s journey, beginning when he left Ur of the Chaldeans to follow Adonai in a life of obedient FAITH / TRUST, entering into covenant relationship with Him that would affect every Generation thereafter, winding through the stories of Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, / Yitzhak, Yackov, Yoseph, and sojourn in Egypt.

She knew of God’s Deliverance from Egyptian bondage and oppression under the leadership of the great liberator, Moshe / Moses.
She knew of His miraculous care for her in the wilderness for 40 years, feeding her with manah from Heaven …..and water from a rock,…. leading with a cloudy pillar to keep her cool by day ……and fiery pillar to keep her warm at night.

She knew of His Power to overcome her enemies, beginning with the enemy stronghold of Jericho, so that she could posses the land He had promised.
She knew of His faithfulness to raise up Judges and Priests and Prophets and Kings who had lead her and ruled her and taught her and protected her and provided for her.

This is part of what we learn in the first five books….. Now the balance ⚖️ of the lesson is when we start to look and see ourselves in the story.

God Himself likened Judah to a prize vineyard.
He described digging up the Earth, clearing it of stones, then planting it with the choicest of vines.
But…… when He ” looked for a crop of good grapes, ……. it yielded only bad fruit. “

Can you not hear the tears choking His Voice as He said, ” what more could have been done for my vineyard then I have done for it ? “
Isaiah 5:4….
He had done everything for her, only to be rejected.

In the bright light of truth and all that Judah had known and been taught, she had thrown away God’s moral standard, the law, substituted it with her own, and defiantly insisted on her ” RIGHT” to do as she pleased……
Does this sound at all familiar today especially in North America among Christians screaming about their rights …. ?
Never once consider this might be punishment for disobedience.

Even though all of the prideful arrogance God’s Love is so great !
He does not give up easily..
We can see this when He sent Isaiah to speak to her with moving eloquence.
He also sent Jeremiah to warn her with passionate tears.
He sent Amos to preach with practical logic.
He had sent Ezekiel who had revealed signs and wonders and promises…..

But still Judah did not listen…. Judah would not listen….. and that was shameful because she knew better : ” we have not listened to your servants the prophets….. This day we are covered with shame…… O Adonai, we and our Kings, our princes our fathers are covered with shame because we have sinned against you “
Daniel 9: 6-11

The lesson we are learning from the Old testament / Tanakh and the books of Moses / Torah, ….. even when warned by powerful prophetic voices such as that of Jeremiah and Isaiah…..
Which by the way give us a very clear picture of a true prophet as opposed to a false prophet which we see mostly today…..
These Prophets who had turned on the light of God’s truth according to teachings in the Torah…. Judah still stubbornly persisted in her sin .
Can we see a correlation today in churches ignoring the fact that Hebrews 10:26 clearly states ” those who stay in intentional sin…. There is no remission…”
Clearly today’s church is ignoring the warnings of the true prophets of the Old testament.

Just as Judah had insisted on rejecting Him turning to other gods…. Such as material wealth has become a god today….. The church today the same as Judah did…. Is forcing God to let them go.

He allowed Babylonians to come in and have their way…..
For 67 years she had been taught a hard lesson !!!
She learned that God does not tolerate wrongdoing, wickedness, and wilfulness on the part of His people!!
If we reject his guide stick…… Simply believe and tell ourselves we can’t possibly obey and keep any of his statutes.. because we are fallen…..
Then we have denied what Yeshua did for us through his Death Burial and Resurrection….
Which by the way was all forshadowed in the Torah …..
This would deny we have been given the Holy Spirit to guide and direct us strengthen us and change us into a new creature.
This would deny that we can do all things through Yeshua who strengthens us.

When you ignore these first five books of the Bible how can you possibly know this ?

I observe our Nations today…..
I see the light of God’s truth going forth in many different ways and in many different forms….

BUT HIS LIGHT can certainly hurt the eyes of those who continue to live in darkness…. Even when faced with the truth…. Offending them with the truth of their moral condition….

I am truly seeing this more in these new wave churches…. Who are telling everyone they can not ever live up to the laws given….

We can truly see this as they take very little stance in trying to save the life of the unborn children of this world.
Many of these decieved actually cringe, pull back, and withdraw from the true light….. They actually try to turn it off and extinguish it.

We have 66 books in our Bible…..
At the end of the book in revelation we are commanded by God to never change 1 letter one word replace or remove add or subtract anything from scripture….

So the bottom line YES the five books of Moses are extremely relevant to Christians….
Thank you for lending me your ear today.

Baruch atah Adonai
Baruch Hashem 🙏❤️

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