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Good morning from Kenya

So much has happened in the last year so quickly….
It seems we are going from bad to worse….
The situation in the middle East is becoming dangerous not just Afghanistan and Iran, but now it looks like Israel is in real danger.

And even the virus so many people are missing the fact it does affect the elderly and not the Young…. so, what is the message in this pandemic….
Is anyone reading their Bible seeing that this pandemic that affects mainly the elderly…. is a pandemic that was allowed by Hashem to bring the world to repentance for sacrificing their young over a billion abortions!

So many believers are talking about prophecy and who the Antichrist is… I even heard one very well-known Christian from Israel come out and say: ” we don’t have to worry about who the Antichrist is because everyone will be raptured…. the church will be raptured before he takes the world stage.”

It is unbelievable to me how many people are not reading their Bibles for themselves and praying…. we have already entered tribulation times tribulation is something the devil brings about …. not Adonai!!

The fear I am seeing in Christians trying to flee Afghanistan, running from the darkness, instead of standing as a beacon of light.

This is the final test for all believers it will be the greatest of all tribulations…. the greatest of all trials.

Today I’m going to share a teaching on what our attitude should be….
And the only One we should depend on.


” And now, compelled by the Spirit, i am going to Yerushalayim. I don’t know what will happen to me there, ”
Acts 20: 22

When Rav Saul Paul was returning to Yerushalayim/ Jerusalem at the end of his third missionary journey, he had been warned trouble awaited him there and colleagues pleaded with him not to go. He was even encouraged to give up his journey through a prophetic utterance given by Agabus…… something we seem to hear quite a bit in many Christian churches…. be careful when people come up and say: ” I have a word for you from God”…. lol
But I love the response from Paul, ” why are you weeping and Breaking My Heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Yerushalayim for our Messiah Yeshua Adonai ” Acts 21 :13. When Paul arrived in Jerusalem trouble is exactly what he faced and it led to years of imprisonment in Caesarea and Rome.

The advice offered to Rav Saul/ Paul would have been easy to take.
It made perfect sense to avoid persecution, hardship, imprisonment and suffering. As it is in our own lives, there are often compelling reasons to drop our plans with Adonai when the going gets tough. Remember Job? What was the purpose of testing him? It really had nothing to do with him and everything to do with everyone around him! It was a clear test that everyone around him failed! The temptation to move in different direction lurks in the back of our minds, but still, we feel this tugging in our hearts! Whose voice are you going to ignore?

As a general principle, it is wise to discern the will of Hashem YHVH positively instead of negatively. Adonai calls us to things rather than from things……. and He has His purpose in doing so.
Rav Saul/ Paul’s attitude to the situation facing him in Yerushalayim was ‘ compelled by the Spirit ‘ and despite vehement warnings, he would not leave his course of direction simply because it was going to be hard and costly.
Like Yeshua before him, ” as the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Yeshua resolutely set forth for Yerushalayim. ” Luke 9 :51.
Paul resolved there should be no turning back unless the Ruach HaQuodesh Holy Spirit altered his Direction.

When we are called by G-d, we may have no objective confirmation of His will, but He does place a compass bearing in our hearts, establishing a general direction we are to take. We can listen to adamant protest, but when Adonai has given us Direction, confirmed by the witness of the Holy Spirit / Ruach HaQuodesh within us, any alternative course will not satisfy! We are called by G-d to something and for something! Someone else telling you what your calling is 99% of the time is definitely wrong! To miss out on that is to miss out on the best Hashem YHVH has to give us!!

Rav Saul/ Paul was G-ds chosen man to Pioneer the gospel message to the Gentile world and often into hedonistic and hostile territory. Remember before his conversion he was a Tormentor of anyone who was not Jewish and not a follower of the Sanhedrin and Pharisee laws.
Imagine being the rabbi to the Gentiles!
We can only imagine how high in the archives of Heaven he stands, but we do know his means, his strength, his motivation was ” Messiah in him”.

It is the same today. ” Messiah in us ” is the sole means of accomplishing G-ds purpose for us. Do not be afraid of the trial!
Reflect upon the question ” do I sense a Direction Elohim is pulling me in?

Our Prayer
Heavenly Father
I pray for your will in my life, which I know is accomplished through You.
Thank You Adonai Amein

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