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Our current needs…Gathaithi OVC

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Today’s update I am definitely feeling a little bit better. I am staying home and resting today Sunday.
But we have so much work to do this week….

I was reminded yesterday that we have to get the remainder for the school fees this week as early as Monday or Tuesday.
So, we desperately have to push to get at least $1000 for school fees. The actual Amount we need to complete school fees is just under $1500.

Also, for basic needs this week is a Total of $600.
So, the total amount that we need for sure this week is $1600 in total.
We can get the remainder of school fees $500 the following week.

You can use the PayPal link to donate this week
As the money comes in, we will just appropriately assign where it goes.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support…. We are thankful to Calvary temple and Winnipeg Canada for helping the orphanage in the Congo with beds.

It is amazing how much work we have accomplished in this last 6 months alone….
Adonai is blessing this work and effort ??
Baruch Hashem Adonai
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