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Our current Project at Agape OVC – Solar Power Phase two and a Deep Freezer…

Hello everyone, a regular update on the progress at our Orphanage Agape OVC in Uganda.

This past week, we have been up and down to see to it that we are finishing with the phase one Solar power project at the Agape Orphanage in Uganda.

We are so excited to let you know that this is now done, phase one is complete and we are now looking up to get on to the second half for the phase two.

As you may be aware, phase one is basically for the lighting and the not so heavy consumption usage…

Phase two will now focus on the heavy power consumption for we are looking to buying a deep freezer.

Having said that, the next thing we are looking at with urgency is to get done with the second half of the Solar power project and have it fully installed.

We are fundraising for 900 CD to complete this…This amount will include buying of all the needed Solar Panels, batteries, wires, inverters and all other accessories necessary for the complete installation. We are also sending a good Technician from here in Nairobi to see to it that everything is done as it should.

This is the guy who has been doing all the Solar installations for the other Orphanages and we saw no need to source a guy from there. So, we have to facilitate for him to get there and have this done.

So, once we are done with this second half of the Power Project, we are going right into getting for them a Freezer. On this we are fundraising for 900 CD.

A freezer will be of so much help as we did at Gathaithi OVC for here in Agape too, they are also now growing their own food, vegetables and such…getting them meat regularly will now be easier and cheaper…some of the meat we get them will be half the price as we can get a goat or sheep and slaughter then do the deep freezing, the same can also be done for chicken.

We are calling on more partners to come on board and share with us on this noble course.

We are changing lives, one day at a time. Kindly consider becoming a partner today.

Also, share with friends, church members, colleagues and anyone who can chip in and help us change lives.

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