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Once again we are having challenging weeks regarding our missions here in Eastern Africa.
And this is not speaking merely of financial difficulties….
No actually the greatest of these difficulties is persecution from fellow Believers.

Persecution from fake Ministries here in Eastern Africa as well…..
All kinds of issues from people telling us that all we ever do is beg for money.
Being blocked in various groups for posting missions updates.
It seems these people are confused as to what we’re asking them to give money for.
It seems they assume that we are asking for money for ourselves maybe…. I’m not sure but some of the insults and comments are just over the top.

Many times you have heard me always reference to the passage in Matthew chapter 25 regarding sheep and goats.
I get so tired of these dime-store preacher’s coming out to Africa getting people to give them money to travel here and minister to people who are for the most part either Christian or Muslim…. you will not find too many atheists in Africa.
And very seldom do I see any of them have what it takes to actually try and minister to Muslims because they are very afraid of them.

They throw a Band-Aid at those who are marginalized and then leave.
Basically coming here to preach a watered-down gospel to people who need evidence of love not broken promises.

So today I have decided enough of this Madness…..this message is for all of you hypocrites ……dime store Preachers…. that think you’re going to come to Africa and somehow spread the gospel.

These people have been living generation after generation on more Faith than you could ever imagine. How dare you come here and preach about having Faith when you yourself could never stand what these people have stood for centuries.

And after 30 years of doing missions throughout the world this message needs to be told.


” if somebody has worldly possessions and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how can he be loving God ?
Children, let us love NOT LOVE WITH WORDS AND TALK, BUT WITH ACTIONS AND IN REALITY!!! ” 1st Yochanan 3: 17-18 CJB

This opening passage is and should be enough to get the message across in this teaching ….but I know for many it’s not.

As Yeshua walks up to address those people He has grown up with in synagogue, He is handed a scroll from Yesha’yahu/ Isaiah by one of the sages.
Yeshua reads, ” The Spirit of Adonai is upon Me; because He has anointed Me to announce Good News to the poor ;
He has sent Me to proclaim freedom for the imprisoned and renewed sight for the blind, to release those who have been crushed,
To proclaim a year of favour from Adonai. ”
Luke 4: 18 CJB
After reading this he declares, ” Today, as you heard it read, this passage of the Tanakh was fulfilled !!” Luke 4:21 CJB

What Yeshua is saying in this text through the prophet Isaiah is that Hashem’s Good News of Unconditional Love, is available for us if we are poor, or crushed…. and if we are willing to acknowledge that that there is something wrong with us,….. that we are helpless to do anything without help…. that He has heard the cry and he has come as promised for His people.

When we study the Gospels and look at the ministry of Yeshua throughout the Brit Quo’desh New Testament, WE SEE HIM SERVING THE POOR, RESTORING THE VISION OF THE BLIND AND SETTING OPPRESSED PEOPLE FREE !!
When He said these things you have seen Me do you will do and greater…. these are the Works we will do also…. we will take up our cross and follow…. no matter what obstacles may be in front of us.

These are the works when his half-brother said Faith without works is dead …..these are part of these works of the Holy Spirit !!!
When Yeshua said that He came to preach good news to the poor….. was He speaking of physical poverty or spiritual poverty ?
When He was sent to set the captives free….. was He speaking of physical prisoners or spiritual and figurative prisoners ?
The clear answer is BOTH !!
Yeshua meant for those who were literally blind to receive their vision as well as those who are spiritually blind to receive their vision to understand who He is !!!!

If we are preaching about the Good News ….. but doing nothing to meet the physical needs of someone….. it is definitely NOT Good News we are preaching !!
Ya’akov/ James the half-brother of Yeshua told us ; ” suppose a brother or sister is with out clothes and daily food, and someone says to him, Shalom ! Keep warm and eat hearty!! Without giving him what he needs, what good does it do ?
Ya’akov/ James 2: 15-17.

The fact that this issue is so repeated throughout the Gospels, this is not a suggestion this is a commandment !!
Yeshua’s ministry reached the poor, blind, naked and hungry, and beaten and oppressed both physically and spiritually !!!

This was not something that He did only back then, when He quoted Isaiah 61, but He continues to do it today through the Ekklesia, the body of Messiah !!! We are the physical hands and feet He uses !!
He doesn’t care what community you are in…. Yeshua came to liberate people in every respect !!!! To feed and heal them and nourish them with the Good News physically and spiritually.
He has planted us here on earth for a purpose not to just be a bench warmer !!!
Now go back and read Matthew chapter 25 starting from verse 31 to the end of 46…. and then reflect on how you can reflect the ministry of Yeshua Hamashiach Adonai in the hurting world .

Our Prayer Heavenly Father Thank You for setting the example for what it means to meet the needs of the poor, blind and oppressed physically and spiritually.
Give me the boldness and courage and the strength to be caught up in the things of You in this life!
Baruch atah Adonai Eloheinu avoteinu Elohei Avraham Yitz’chak Ya’akov
Baruch Hashem in the Name above all names Yeshua Hamashiach Adonai

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