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So much work to do in our two Orphanages and the Village Outreach…


Agape childrens home Uganda 🇺🇬
Sunday night was the 1st time these children have ever sat at a table on a chair and had a meal……
The only thing they have ever had to sit on is their mattress on their bed which by the way you can’t set up straight because these are triple Decker bunk beds…. And the rooms are so tiny there’s no room to even keep chairs.
So these children have been sitting on the ground or the cement to eat and do their homework.

Within a period of 2 and a 1/2 weeks we were able to get chairs and tables delivered to Agape childrens home Uganda 🇺🇬
We were able to put up the wood structure for a dining hall…. And now we have covered the building roof and walls with iron sheets…..

The final phase of this project is we need to get a cement floor before the rain comes…..
When it starts to rain that floor will be mud even though it is covered, When it rains it pours and the water will be running into the building making the floor a pile of mud.

We really need to get this cement for done we are asking for $1000….. This dining hall also is a study hall…. so……
After we get the floor done we want to do the 2nd phase and increase the solar power and run lighting and power plugs to this outer building as well as the new bathrooms we have built…..
So the final phase of Increasing in solar panels and batteries with wiring and more lights…. This cost will be $2600

So the total that we are fundraising It’s $3600 over the next 2 weeks

We have so much work to do and we struggle just getting basic needs every week for these children.

We are asking you to pray and ask God for direction…. You may not have it to give but you can share this need with your friend’s family study groups and congregation members.

We desperately need more sponsor partnership….. So please pray and consider it.
And please please share this website with all your French family and congregation.

Thank you all so much for your love prayers and commitment….
We truly treasure your friendship and encouragement……
It seems every week it comes down to the wire as far as getting supplies on time, And we are always coming here with an urgent plea for help with basic needs…..

Right now for next Tuesday we are still needing $870 for basic needs…. This is for orphanages and an outreach every week…..
So we are asking people to consider becoming a $20 a week partner…
Every penny goes towards buying the food and the supplies…. our time is totally voluntary…. and we need people to partner with us to make this reality.

We have 2 orphanages and a village outreach … every week need basic needs to live that we are committed.

There is so much more work to do but I know God has a plan and I am asking you to pray,…. and ask God if you are called to be part of this plan.

Thank you so much and may Hashem bless you beyond all that you can imagine ❤️
Baruch Hashem Chag sameach Purim

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