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The bed frames are now done, we are yet to get the mattresses

Good evening everyone. A quick update on our progress at God’s Grace for Hope OVC in Uganda.
The progress is great and we thank God for this far. We have been able to do much these
last weeks. As you all know, we accomplished the expansion of the Boys’ Dormitory.
Our last earnest call was on getting the beddings. We had called upon all our partners to come
on board and make this a success. We are so happy to let you know that this is now done and dusted.
We had planned to get some mattresses with the surplus, but this was not possible this last week
as we had another urgent need at Gathaithi OVC in Kenya for School Fees. The schools are now
opening and this had to come top on our priority list.
Our current need is now to get them mattresses. We are projecting this at 650 CD for 4 pieces 48 inches by six High Density.

If you consider coming through for us on this, kindly indicate where you desperately need your donation to go to –
Kindly consider chipping in on this, help make this a success.
Baruch Hashem.

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