Weekly Updates

The Gardening and the Chicken Project is now so promising…

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Happy first day of the week from all of us here in Kenya.

It has been a busy week after bringing the weekly basic needs to Gathaithi Orphanage in Nairobi we were able to purchase another 140 chickens…..
Now we have completed buying chickens for this orphanage….

The next few months these chickens will grow and become a great income for this orphanage when they are all laying eggs.

We are so blessed by our Heavenly Father who pours out His blessing on these children.
He does this by putting it on hearts of people to help us financially….
And enables us to be the hands and feet building His Kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven.

We were only able to pay the supplier half of the money for the chickens…
Owe him another $350 which we hope people will help us to pay back this week….

So grateful for those who have stood in the gap with us and have been obedient to hearing from our Heavenly Father ?❤️

We are praying as we are in desperate need of more financial partners, we only have a handful of people helping.

Please consider becoming a partner today.
Hundred percent of the money is going towards these projects none of it is going to wages or administration course everything is voluntary…..

Baruch Hashem ?❤️

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