Good afternoon from our home in Kenya

I have always been a person that likes to sit back and analyse and observe behavior.

As my grandfather said ” action speaks louder than words”.

Social media is such an interesting platform watching  myself included have times of weakness, where I had a crisis of faith.

 And I am seeing a crisis of faith more and more as these end time prophecies fall into place.

Lately I am seeing many have a crisis as we are seeing persecution and nuclear war coming, as we are entering into very uncertain times.

Trust and faith is wavering which is totally understandable in so many ways.

It is human nature to forget Who we rely on, and we many times start relying on our own resources because we are panicking and having some sort of anxiety, and forget to go to the One who alone has the answer.

But interestingly enough the people who seem to hold it together the strongest in the last few years, have been people that I have known to have come from very broken backgrounds.

Today we are going to do a study as to why these people are stronger than most.

Enjoy the teaching.


  ” But we have this treasure in clay jars, so that it will be evident that such overwhelming power comes from God and not from us.”

2nd Corinthians 4 :7 CJB

” Yerushalayim, Yehudah, Samaria, and the ends of the Earth.”

Of these four places that Yeshua told His Talmidian to evangelize, we might think Yerushalayim would be the easiest.

I mean really it was only one City, and the disciples had already been there. But given recent events…… they would have preferred anywhere else but there !!

Yerushalayim was the site of the tallimidim/ disciples greatest failures !!

40 days earlier, when Yeshua was arrested in the garden of Gethsemane,  each of the disciples went into hiding for FEAR of reprisal from the Sanhedrin.

Kefa / Peter followed Yeshua at a distance to where He was being tried, but after denying knowing Messiah three times, he ran and cried.

Yochanan  / John followed Yeshua all the way to the site of the Starous  / Cross, but he would eventually leave as well…. remember this is the Apostle that was appointed to care for Mary mother of our Messiah.

With this so fresh in their minds, we can imagine what the disciples thought of Yeshua’s instruction to preach in Yerushalayim first: ” Why would they listen to us here ?  These people know what we’re like. They have seen us at our worst moment.” 

But often, it is exactly in the place of our brokenness that Yeshua wants us to be a witness.

Brokenness is Hashems tool for our good.

It is actually part of the purpose of the great tribulation, the Great trial, that will witness to the world the amazing power and strength that will come from True Believers.

Hashem YHVH will often bring us to brokenness so we recognise our bankruptcy and turn from dependence on ourselves to dependence on Him.  This is what happened on the day of Pentecost !!

Hidden in the upper room, the tallimidim /disciples discovered the power of the resurrected life of Hamashiach  / Messiah living in them and working through them. 

Completely changed men, Yeshua sends them back to the place of their greatest failures so they might turn the city upside down with the Good News  !!!

Until Adonai has broken us, experiencing the power of His Holy Spirit/ Ruach HaQuodesh,  it will for the most part, only be a theory.

This is not something that can be humanly orchestrated….. you can have all the book knowledge in the world concerning the Bible and it will be of no use….. only Hashem  can bring us to the point where we utterly despair of ourselves.

Dime-store Preachers who bash people over the head publicly for their sin will never change a person’s heart. Even threatening them with an eternal torment which is not in scripture does the opposite.

It actually makes them believe G-d is a sadist,…. a sadistic creator that gives you no choice but to serve Him or be tortured for all eternity !!

The brokenness is painful and often catches us unaware, especially in the case of the loss of a loved one or mentor in death…. we feel abandoned and alone….. it is in being broken that we most clearly experience Hashems YHVH comfort,  power, and freedom, in our lives.

So my question to pose to all of you……

What is your Yerushalayim ??!

What is the Place of Your brokenness, and all of our brokenness where people have most clearly seen our failures ?

For some, this will be in our own homes….. where our spouse or children have seen the worst of our temper, selfishness and ingratitude.

For some, it will be their workplaces, where they have been caught up in Gossip or even dishonest business.

It could even be in the way of an extra-marital affair.

It could even be devastating loss of loved ones, and this painful hurt turns to anger that is stretched out towards other loved ones and friends, even anger and hurt thrust towards G-d himself.

You may think it impossible for Hashem to use you where people have seen you at your worst…… but when we humble ourselves….. and obediently go to our Yerushalayim admitting our faults and letting Adonai work through us, our lives become a testament / a great testimony, to His amazing grace and mercy !!! We become a powerful weapon for the kingdom building !!!

Baruch Hashem

Our Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for the opportunity in brokenness.

Even though there is pain in the struggle….. it is where I am broken that You show Your sufficiency most clearly.

Thank You Adonai Amein

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