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We got Gathaithi OVC a Washing Machine…

Good evening everyone…
Today, we did deliver the Washing Machine to Gathaithi OVC. It may probably not seem as much but
this is one of the Appliances they have been earnestly yearning for. This has just changed their life in such
a big way.
The children will now not have to spend most of their times doing laundry, this has been taking quite a huge
chunk of their time. Cleanliness will also now be at par, and so much goodness that will come with them
having this Appliance.
Also today, we made a visit to Baby Testimony. With us, we carried some foodstuffs to keep the mom in stock as
she is now not working. She’s still taking care of Testimony until she recovers fully.
Our update today therefore is to just pass across our sincere gratitude –
Thank you so much to all who have been keeping up with us on this, seeing to it that everyday the OVC Home
get their daily needs and more so – touching their lives in every possible way.

We still remain true to our original aspiration.
Baruch Hashem.

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