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Last year at this time we had a wonderful teaching from Rabbi Greg Hershenberg.
He often doesn’t speak much about prophecy or dreams but he had an interesting one which he spoke out at the end of his service.

I myself had been having the same dreams and same concerns for people …… things were definitely going to worsen after November.
People truly need to get stronger spiritual muscle.

Much of what we are seeing is G-d’s judgement in the way of a calling to repentance for our selfish ways….
In other words, this is not the punishment nor is this the full wrath judgement this is merely a wake-up call for the Ecclesia to repent.

After November we saw many Churches not only lose membership but they closed down.
There is also going to be great persecution ramping up.
Hashem YHVH wishes to prosper us for His purpose…… not for ours.

Considered today’s teaching, direction for the Ecclesia.


” In the desert they gave way to insatiable greed;
In the wastelands they put God to the test.
He gave them what they wanted but sent meagerness into their souls.”
Tehillim Psalms 106: 14 -15 CJB

In the New Living Translation, it ends: ” but sent wasting disease among them” which actually is very accurate.

Many of us have pleaded with Adonai for something we desperately wanted. It could be a job promotion we have worked hard for…. or even approved financing for a dream home we want to buy…. or even a loved one who is extremely ill.
But what happens if we lose the promotion?
What happens if the financing falls through?
And what happens if the loved one does not get better…. even taken away from us by this disease?
Does our faith diminish, or can we graciously accept His decision?

There are variations or various accounts in Scripture of Hashem giving what was asked for……. But With Disastrous Effect!!
When the Israelites grumbled in the wilderness, insisting Hashem give them meat in addition to mannah, He answered their prayers and sent them quail. The King James version says, ” and he gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul.” Most of the people who ate the quail died from a severe plague. When the Israelites insisted on a king, Hashem gave them a solemn warning of the consequences. A king would take the best of their flocks and Fields, making slaves of them, and women would become subservient, filling only domestic roles. But the people insisted. Adonai gave them a king and they reaped the consequences.

Today we have seen over a billion abortions throughout the world and in North America many states are allowing them up to the 8th month of pregnancy.
Now we have been sent a disease that does not really affect the young children but definitely kills older people adults.
Is anyone waking up to a correlation…. a similarity?
Are we as a nation of people reaping what we sow?

King Hezekiah, however, was a good King who followed a succession of ungodly Kings in Yehudah. When he became deathly ill, the prophet Yesha’yahu (Isaiah), told him G-d wanted him to put his house in order because he was going to die. Hezekiah cried and pleaded with Adonai to heal him and extend his life. Adonai saw his tears and gave him another 15 years. But how did this work out in the end? Are we putting more importance on this life which is temporal?
Let’s see how this worked out for him.
His son, Manasseh, was 12 years old when he inherited the throne and was the most evil King who reigned 55 years in Yehudah.
He turned the nation away from G-d to a barbaric form of paganism in which he sacrificed his own son! Had Hashem’s will been done or implemented, Hezekiah would have been at home with Hashem and this would not have happened.

Are we starting to see correlations what is happening in our world today?
As we have been given freedom to choose…. we have chosen religion that treats God like a bank machine or a Genie in a Bottle.
Do we realize persecution through the Great Tribulation is actually a test upon all believers to see how they stand…? and in some cases to wake Believers up where are they have to get their mind off themselves and become Kingdom Minded.

There are those who think making a request of G-d and adding, ” if it is your will ” shows a lack of faith in Adonai as well as a convenient cop out should our request not be fulfilled. Something we hear a lot especially in the charismatic Pentecostal groups such as Kenneth Copeland.
To pray, ” if it is your will ” is in fact, evidence of our faith and submission, as it is the expression of confidence in Adonai who knows what He is doing!
The great danger in insisting on our own way with Adonai is that He may I actually give it, but at the cost of ” leanness of our soul “.
This is why the true expression of faith is the permeation of our prayers with, YOUR WILL BE DONE.

Reflect on this today.
Do I question my faith in God when I do not receive what I have repeatedly asked for?

Our Prayer…… Heavenly Father may YOUR WILL BE DONE in anything I ask of You. Regardless of how much I desire what I am asking May you give me Your desire for my life.
Thank You Adonai Amein

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