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10th August 2023 update: We still need to get a Freezer, a truckload of manure, new sets of bedsheets and school fees for Agape OVC here in Uganda…

Hello everyone, a weekly update for our Orphanage here in Uganda – Agape OVC…

This is a brief update to keep you abreast with the goings here at Agape OVC – Uganda. We are doing good and we thank every partner who go out of their way to make the running here smooth, we can never be more grateful.

We however still struggle with getting the weekly needs, it’s an area we haven’t been running on sufficient fundings. With the hiking in food prices and general expenses, things can only get worse. We are kindly calling upon more partners to help out on this. Kindly consider becoming a regular partner to help in the daily running of these Homes. With no basic supply, things become hard for us.

It’s for this that we are still working on ensuring that the gardening here is as robust as possible to help with the supply of vegetables to cut out on the weekly basic needs. As for now, we are requesting for your help to get a truckload of manure for the Vegetable gardens. Also, we are still fundraising to get a Freezer and a few storage appliances for the kitchen here. On this, we need $1900 – This will help us get a Freezer, a few storage appliances for the kitchen and a truckload of manure.

Another urgent need is the school fees, the schools are now closing and we need the school fees before the schools get back from recess. We need $1200 on this. We will be so grateful if we can get this before the school reopens to avoid any inconveniences for the children. The stated amount for this ($1200) will cater for the school fees, school supplies and any other incurrences to keep these children in school.

Last but not the least is getting some sets of bedsheets, we have attached a video below showing the desperate state of the current bedsheets. We really need to change these ones; they are in very bad shape…getting some new sets will do so much good. We need $480 to get us enough of the same.

Kindly share this with your friends and families. As we have said earlier, we really need to get more partners to help in the smooth running of these homes. We have very few partners for now and sometimes it gets overwhelming. We can always do more with more partners. Consider becoming one today. Go through our website to look into whatever project you can channel your support. You can always donate on the numerous donate buttons on the website or contact us for help.

Thank you and God bless…     

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