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Vocational Training Centre for Gathaithi OVC – We are about to start off with the Vocational Training at Gathaithi OVC…

Good evening everyone, a brief update on the ongoing project at Gathaithi Orphanage – the setting up of a Vocational Training Centre.

As we had highlighted on our last update, we are in the process of setting up a Vocational Training Centre at Gathaithi OVC – a unique centre of its kind that will focus on Vocational Training – Welding, Masonry, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing and such Technical Courses. We have looked at the dire need of having these kind of courses and the best we can do is set up a Centre to provide the same.

We’ve got most of the tools we need to start off, but we still need more to make the Courses here as diverse as possible. We are just starting off and we are looking to expand as much as possible in future. Early this week, we got a powerful Generator (9000 watts) as the power consumption here will be intense once we start off the Training…we also added the 3000 amp Mig Welder (Sweden Made), Stick Welder, (Commercial) Welding Clamps, Die Grinder, an Air Blow Gun, and other Welding Accessories such as Safety glasses, pencils, magnets, welding markers and more.

We had already had much of the tools, the Mitre Saw, the Air Compressors, Grinders, the Work Benches and much more…all set up, mounted and ready to go. Kindly go through the attached videos below.

As for now, we are still looking to get more – our budget for now is another $5000 to get us more diverse with more tools like the Wood Lays, Commercial Wood Table Planer, belt stander and other Power Tools…and another $295 to get safety boots for the Vocational centre. We are kindly appealing to you, help us do this.

Another urgent need is School Fees for Gathaithi OVC, Agape OVC and the Village Outreach. We need $3200 for this. This is inclusive of the fees and other numerous school supplies. The schools are now closing for the short August Holidays and we will need the amount before the School resumes after the short recess.

We are calling upon more partners to help us do this. Kindly share this with your Friends and Families. You can always go through our Websites and channel your contributions on the numerous Donations buttons…Do not hesitate to reach out for help in doing so. We can never do this much without your help…Thank you and God Bless.

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