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10th October Update: Highlight for our current priorities: (i) $960 for the electrical upgrade in the two offices, (ii) $600 for blankets, bedsheets, pillowcases, socks and underwear, (iii) $600 for the Vocational School Supplies…

Hello everyone, here is a brief update to highlight our current needs and priorities for Gathaithi OVC…

We completed the electrical upgrade at the Vocational Classroom; everything regarding electrical is now done in the class…However, we still need to do some electrical upgrades for two offices here. They are not looking good as you can see in the attached videos below…We recently had a County Inspection regular visit and one of their suggestions was that we do the electrical upgrade for the two offices.

On this, we need $960; this amount is inclusive of buying the electrical supplies, the labour and any other logistics that will be met in doing this.

Still at Gathaithi OVC, we need to get these kids some blankets, bedsheets, pillows, pillowcases, socks and underwear. It’s been so long since we got them these supplies and they are in a terrible state. We need to do something; on this we need $600 to make it possible.

Finally, for Gathaithi OVC, we need to get another $600 for the Vocational School Supplies. We still have a few things to get as we come to a close in setting up this Vocational School. We will be updating you more on the same.

So for now, this is a highlight of our priorities –

$960 for the electrical upgrade in the two offices

$600 for blankets, bedsheets, pillows, pillowcases, socks and underwear

$600 for the Vocational School Supplies

We are praying to get these needs as soon as possible to enable us run. We are still calling upon new partners; we have very few active partners. You can always go through the Website and see any area of need you might be interested in funding. For donations, check for donate buttons on the different segments of the website. You can always reach out for any assistance.

Baruch Hashem.

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