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10th October Update:  Our current priorities at Agape OVC – $300 for Security Guard, $450 for new school shoes, socks and underwear, $90 for chicken feed, $220 for firewood and $650 to upgrade school unforms…

Good morning everyone, here is an update for Agape Orphanage in Uganda…

As you are all aware, we just completed the Power Upgrade here recently, getting more panels, more batteries and a Smart Hybrid Inverter. The Power here is now sufficient, no more problems regarding power. The deep Freezer is running smoothly, the lights and everything consuming power.

It’s for this solar installation we have here that we recently had a burglary attempt. Someone tried to break in the room where we have the batteries, the inverter and the freezer. Its our assumption that the person was trying to make away with either the Hybrid Inverter or the batteries. Or even the freezer, anything could be possible. Fortunately, alarm was raised and the burglar took off.

It’s this burglary attempt that has moved us to think of the security situation here and had to hire an armed security guard; with a six-to-six shift…from six in the evening to six in the morning. He just started working. This will make us incur some other extra costs to have the guard get paid. We need $300 on this. Kindly help us to raise this amount. We will be needing this every month.

Still at Agape OVC, we need $450 for new school shoes, socks and underwear. They are in dire need of these items. Attached are videos of the same; we are praying that we get these as soon as possible for this new school term.

On our chicken farming here, we need $90 for the chicken feed and other chicken supplies, including anti-biotics and fumigants.

We also need $220 to get them firewood, they are running so low on the same, we need a top up of the same.

Last but not the least for Agape Orphanage, we need an upgrade for their school uniforms for the next school term. We need a total of $650 to help us do this.

We are sincerely praying for more partners to ease the burden on our backs. Consider becoming one today.

Baruch Hashem.

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