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8th July Update: We have completed the Solar Upgrade at Gathaithi OVC and The Village Outreach…Our current call – $5000 School Fees Kitty for Orphanages and Outreaches, $16000 for buying the larger neighbouring land in Uganda, $3000 for equipping the new Vocational Classroom at Gathaithi OVC…

Hello everyone, here is an update on the progress of our Orphanages and Outreaches, to keep you abreast with what we are up to, our current and pending projects and future aspirations.

First is to let you know that we completed the Solar Upgrade at Gathaithi OVC and The Village Outreach. We are hoping that we will no longer have power problems and frequent outages here and consequently cut down on our hydro power bills. That said, we are more than grateful to every partner who made this project a success. Thank you so much.

Onto our current call – we are fundraising for $5000 for the school fees kitty. This is for both Orphanages and Outreaches. We have had a few of our dedicated partners backstepping and this has been so hard on us. The stated amount ($5000) is inclusive of school fees and supplies to keep these kids at school. Kindly share this call with family, friends, church members and anyone willing to take part in this noble course. We are also very low on our Medical Fund Kitty; if we can get more partners to keep this upbeat, then the running will be smooth for us. It’s so hard as it’s with our current few dedicated members.

We are looking at buying the larger plot of land in Uganda, neighbouring the one that the Orphanage (Agape OVC) is currently sitting on. We are currently renting the same land but we are in the process of getting the owner to sell the piece to us; and he is willing to. On this, we are fundraising to get $16000 to enable us do this.

Also, at Gathaithi OVC, we are still fundraising for $3000 for equipping the new vocational classrooms. This amount is for the initial equipping, we will be looking at getting more on the same. Kindly help us achieve this.

Last but not the least is our Membership drive, we are looking for more partners. As we have noted earlier, we have had a few dedicated partners side stepping and this is not easy for us especially with the daily running of the Orphanages and Outreaches. We are in dire need of more members to help us with basic needs. We ran on $1400 budget each week. It’s the best we can do; with more dedicated members to contribute on this, the daily running will be easy for us. Kindly consider joining us today; help us in making a change and contributing to the future of these vulnerable children.

Thank you and God Bless. Baruch Hashem.

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