The goal of all good theology is to develop in you a deeper love for GOD and for your neighbor…

The goal of all good theology is to develop in you a deeper love for GOD and for your neighbor. “On these two commandments depend all the Law and the Prophets” (Mt 22:40). In other words, the purpose of all revealed doctrine in Scripture is to prompt you to be more faithful to GOD and more compassionate to your neighbor. Now, “Who is my neighbor?” the Pharisee asks, wanting to justify himself in his own tribal zeal (Luke 10:29). “The Samaritan” answers the parable of the Master, that is, that same person who is not from your own tribe, the “foreigner” to your doctrinal faction, the one who does not align with you line by line, that too, is your neighbor.

It was precisely the boast of having a “own theology” and belonging to a “distinguished class” that produced in both the priest and the Levite the spirit of indifference, that instead of moving them to mercy when seeing the man assaulted half dead the edge of the street, when they saw him, they passed from afar (perhaps on their way to the Temple to sacrifice “properly according to the law”).

Listen well: any theology that makes you less compassionate towards the need of your neighbor is vanity, it is not working in you for good, but for evil.

If you love those who love you, what distinguishes you? If you bless those who bless you, what do you do differently? If you are only merciful to those of your tribe, how is GOD’s love manifested in you to everyone? “Do not tax collectors do the same?” (Mt. 5:46).

Truth be told: correct theology but with a warped heart only Produces God’s disapproval. Yes, even they “believe that GOD is one” (James 2:19), but with that knowledge they boast and inflict harm on others.

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