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Our Solar Upgrade at Gathaithi OVC is in progress. We need to get one more panel and high capacity Batteries (300amps)…Help us do this…

Hello everyone, here is an update on the progress at Gathaithi OVC – Kenya. A brief of what we have achieved to do in the last few weeks, our current and pending projects moving forward.

Well, we did change the solar panels recently, as the initial part of our ongoing Solar Upgrade at Gathaithi OVC. We managed to start with 7 panels (300 watts), but we are looking to get one more to complete this. We will need $220 to get that one more panel. Kindly find attached videos of the purchase and installation to attest to this. Also, on the same, we are looking to upgrade the Batteries and get bigger ones – 300amps. We will need $1850 on this. Just to let you know that the old solar panels have been taken to the Village Outreach and will be installed sooner; nothing is going to waste.

Still at Gathaithi OVC, we are looking to buy more equipment for the new Vocational Classroom. We still have a lot to do on this. We are currently fundraising $3000 to help us with the initial equipping. Kindly help us do this.

Our last and also most important call is to actually get more partners to help with the weekly basic needs. We ran on $1400 as the budget for both Orphanages and Outreaches. It’s a weekly struggle. Kindly share this with family and friends. With more dedicated weekly partners, we will ease the burden off our shoulders.

Thank you and God Bless.

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