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21st March Update: Water Pump/Borehole Project at Gathaithi OVC and the Hot Water Shower is now done – Onto our next project…

Good afternoon, everyone, here is a brief update to keep you on the know as to where we are at in our different Orphanages and Outreaches.

We have done pretty much these couple of weeks. The Pump installation for the borehole is underway at Gathaithi OVC. We are in the process of setting up the Solar currently. Once this is done, we will have solved a lot of water problems here. As you are all aware, we have been forced to truck in water for the last few months which has been so draining for us. We are looking to have this Water Supply problem solved once and for all. We will be updating you more on the same. Attached are the videos of the progress.

And with the hot water shower project, it’s all done and dusted for the Boys’ and Girls’ Dormitory at Gathaithi OVC. They are now having hot water shower. They are so happy for this. We can never be more grateful. To all partners who made this possible. Thank you and God Bless..!

Onto our current and urgent need – School Fees for the Second Term. The schools are closing from next week and we are putting this up as early as now so that by 15th next month we are done with this need and ready for the Second Academic Term this year. We are putting this at $3000. This is inclusive of School Fees, School Supplies and other miscellaneous payments that comes with having to put these kids in school. We will probably also need to replace uniforms for some kids.

Our other urgent need is putting up a permanent kitchen at Agape OVC in Uganda. As we had outlined on our last update, what we are having for a kitchen here is just a makeshift. We need $4000 on this – inclusive of the structure, modern wood jikos and any other thing we will deem useful to run a proper kitchen. We have also included the labour and logistics on the stated amount.

To channel your contributions on this, kindly go through the Website, there are numerous DONATE buttons. You can always reach out for any help in doing so.

Lastly is our desperate call to get more partners on our Weekly Basic Needs. We always run on a shoestring budget of $1400 every week. This is for all Orphanages and Outreaches. We really need steady partners on this to fill this gap. Thank you everyone and God Bless.

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