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Greetings everyone, a brief update on our Agape Orphanage in Uganda. We are so happy to let all of you know that the solar power is now done, everything is now up and running as we just finished doing the wiring for the entire Orphanage, including the outside security lights.

Now to our next project…The chicken project, as we had indicated in our earlier update, we really want to do a chicken project here – Agape Orphanage like we did at Gathaithi OVC.

On this project, we need $2600 – This amount is inclusive of the concrete floor for the foundation, building the outside structure which will be put up with lumber, wire mesh, iron sheets and of course we will need to pay the contractor to put up the project.

We are looking to start off with batches of 50 chicken, just like we did at Gathaithi. Our eventual target is to get to 400 chickens…we are calling upon more partners to help us with this. As it is now, we are really struggling with few partners, but we thank God we are able to accomplish much and even get on with daily supplies for all the Orphanages we are supporting. God bless you all.

As it is on our original aspiration, we want to make these Orphanages self sufficient, as you can see in the attached videos below, they are now growing their own vegetables and no longer need to buy…that’s what we want especially with the daily needs.

Kindly share this with family, friends and anyone who may want to be part and parcel of this noble course…Also consider becoming a regular partner, kindly visit our website for more on this. You can also donate on the donate buttons on the various sections of the website. All your donations will go direct to the need, as can be evidenced in the different projects we have done for different Orphanages.

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