Good morning everyone from our family here in Kenya 🇰🇪

For the last couple of years in one of our groups here on Facebook, I have been posting many articles on archeology,, Especially in countries like Iran, Egypt and Iraq that show interesting stories of ancient gods and apparent myths in the secular world 🌎

My teachings are not to give you the answer, but to provoke thought. I’ve seen so many correlations in these finds to stories of the Bible, especially in B’rsheet / Genesis.

This is why Messiah spoke in parables. We are not to be lazy believers and we certainly should not be ashamed of who we are…. And definitely not ashamed of the One we serve.

As we enter into this time of repentance and cleansing as today is Passover, I pray this teaching will reach you.


” Indeed, It was for this very reason that the Messiah died and came back to life, So that he might be L-rd of both the dead and the living.” Romans 14 verse 9 Complete Jewish Bible

Some people make the assumption that to talk about the L-rdship of Messiah over our lives is to talk about some kind of fanatical version of the Christian or Messianic life. In other words they are worried about what other people think. This is an element of fear, which we will find out we are commanded not to have. Many will steer away from being seen saying Prayer in a restaurant or reading your Bible in public setting or bowing your head for a moment of prayer.
The question is why….. and the only answer is to dig deep within yourself and pray.

There are those who have the idea that there are 2 kinds of Messianic believers, and it is up to us which kind we want to be.
For example….. There is the average Christian who knows Messiah as their savior and has the benefit of being forgiven and they believe they’re going to heaven.
The average Christian, and believe it or not, Messianic , usually draws the line at bringing their faith into any sort of public forum outside of a church or congregation synagogue for fear of being considered a fanatic.
But fear is definitely a sin and is the opposite of faith !!

The 2nd version is a kind of super Deluxe Believer who knows Messiah not only as Savior, but as L-rd and Adonai. It is for them bringing their lives under His authority, and allowing Him to direct and rule their lives.
If we are going to be a missionary, Pastor or theologian, then the average Messianic believer thinking is that we should be on that level, but they believe it is not essential for everyone, only an optional extra. THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH OF THE OLD AND NEW TESTAMENTS !
And by the way for you Christians…. There are at least 1050 commands in the New Testament.
This is something we should have learned through the 7 days of our getting the temple of the Holy Spirit cleaned out before passover !!

Many of us come to Messiah primarily because we want to be saved and we recognize that, But the New Testament….Brit Quodesh is so much bigger than that!! Yeshua HaMashiach is described as ” Saviour ” 24 times, but “L-rd and Adonai ” Six hundred times !
Messiah did not die on the cross so that we may inherit His Kingdom and then leave us here in struggle and strife while we wait to get there.
He died and rose to life so that He may indwell us by His Spirit And be the means to ” have life to the full ” John 10 verse 10….. One of the most misused and mis understood passages of scripture.

Repentance and obedience !!!

The average believer in Messiah is allowing the Spirit of Yeshua to lie dormant, and This is disobedience to the will of Hashem !
The Messianic life is a personal, Intimate relationship with Yeshua Messiah; Someone we love, Trust and are Obedient too.
Though it is wonderfully true that Messiah saves us, we cannot detach His work as Savior from His role as Adonai L-rd, because Adonai is who He is; and saving is what He does, and what He does in our lives is possible because of who He is !!
So during the time of unleavened bread…. as we are cleaning our homes of Levin… let’s focus on the symbolic message…. when we come to Messiah, We openly embrace Him whereever we are…. and in everything we do as we are commanded to make disciples…. Not through our words but through our actions ! If we are to glean anything from the example of our great Master of Torah …. Always lead through example ! But we cannot do this until we clean the temple of the Holy Spirit….

Our prayer
Heavenly Father
Forgive any Hesitancy I have had in the past in bringing my faith into the open. It is a privilege and honor embracing You, and I thank You for being L-rd of my life.

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