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We will begin with yesterday as we have installed all of the new upgrades to the solar power Gathaithi Orphanage Nairobi Kenya 🇰🇪 HALLELUYAH!!!

We’re so grateful and humbled that Hashem / YHVH would do this for us 🙏 🙌 Baruch Hashem

Also, we have most of our basic needs money for next Tuesday…. We are still needing a balance of $290 for Tuesday morning…  Every week we struggle getting basic needs in on time please consider partnering with us.

Please pray 🙏 🤲

Also, I have bought all of the lumber and steel angle iron to build 2 very large shelving units Gathaithi Orphanage Nairobi Kenya

We have a little bit of money left to build the third work table for Gathaithi Orphanage….

We would like to build the table at the same time as we are building these shelves so we can deliver everything together.

To finish this project, we need $300….

Once we are done with this project at Gathaithi OVC, we are shifting our focus to Uganda where we are looking at building a Chicken Coup for their supply of eggs and chicken, we need $2600 on this. We are building this for 400 chicken. This amount is inclusive of everything to start off this project,, the building, labour cost and buying the chicken. For more information on this, we will be posting on the Ugandan section on this Website.

We are so grateful to all of you dear friends for being faithful and trusting……

It is amazing even though we are attacked so many times on Facebook….I truly believe Adonai when He says ” NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US WILL PROSPER “!!!

But we know none of this is happening without the prayers…. Where two or three are gathered together there He is in our midst fighting for us….

So please keep us on your prayer list 🙏

Also, this week we have done all the upgrades to the website everything is working well…

We had to renew the subscription, so we are asking everyone to check on their donation accounts…For those who have automatic monthly or weekly withdrawal this may not be working you may have to go in and redo it.

And for those who have prayed and are considering joining us please look through this website and set up your own account…. Follow all the updates…

Thanks for your prayers, commitment and support 🙏 ❤️ Baruch Hashem ♥️

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