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1st JUNE 2023 Update: We are almost done with the Painting here at Gathaithi OVC…Our next projects…

Good evening everyone, a regular update to all our partners to let you know of our progress here at Gathaithi OVC.

As we had mentioned in our earlier update, we really needed to start off with the painting at Gathaithi OVC just before the Health Department from the City County came in for inspection…the situation here was terrible and it was an urgent call to have everything redone and in place.

Happy to let you all know that everything is now looking up, the work is on high gear and the progress is commendable as you can see in the attached videos below. We will have everything done and dusted by Sunday this weekend. It was quite some work and we are grateful to all who came through to help us accomplish this much.

With the Dormitories, toilets and bathing cubicles done and dusted, we will now be having nothing to worry about once the County Health Department gets here for inspection. We were risking getting all operations here suspended if we didn’t act. We could not do this without you. Thank you everyone and God bless You.

Another thing that really needs our attention; to be acted on urgently is the Wiring and installation of Lights in the Girls’ Dormitories, the Toilets (Washrooms) and the bathing cubicles. On this, we are asking for your support, we need 330$ to get all this done.

Also, now that we are done with the Painting, we need to do the Ceilings. We will be going for the dry ceilings (Gypsum) at both the Girls’ and the Boys’ dormitory.  We need a total of 3300$ to help us accomplish everything. The amount is inclusive of materials, labour and any other logistics to help us do this. It will be quite some work as we will also need to do some thorough scrapping and cleaning before putting up anything. Kindly help us do this.

Consider becoming a regular partner today, follow our website for more and identify the areas you may want to chip in…be it on basic needs or our different projects on different Orphanages and Outreaches.

Thank you to all our partners, you’re putting a smile on these Childrens’ face…You’re changing lives…one day at a time. God Bless You.

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