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23rd May 2023 Update: Painting the Restrooms, Dormitories and the Shower Stalls…

Good evening everyone, a quick update on the progress at Gathaithi OVC…we just finished up with the plumbing at both the Girls’ and the Boys’ Dormitory as you can all see in the attached videos below.

We now have new water cisterns and the Plumbing systems in place. All is now looking good. Thanks to everyone who took part in this noble course.

Our current urgent appeal is to do the painting at the shower stalls, the toilets and the dormitory. We will also see anywhere else that needs the paintwork redone if we will have enough funds. This comes with the directive from the County Public Health officials who made a visit here and directed that the Painting needs to be redone, failure to which they may end up closing all the operations at the Orphanage.

They will be visiting again on 1st June; the date is close by and we really need to get this done as quickly as possible. We are kindly requesting for funds to get this done. We will need a total of $1920 to have this done and dusted.

Another urgent need for Gathaithi OVC is doing the electrical work at the Girls’ dormitory, we had already fixed the Boys’ Dorms. On this, we need another $1200 to do this.

So our current needs is $1920 for the Paintwork and another $1200 for the lighting at the Girls’ dormitories.  

Kindly consider becoming a regular partner. Make a change with however little you have.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

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