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23RD August 2023 Missions Update –

Good evening everyone, here’s a weekly update to keep you abreast with our progress here at Gathaithi OVC – Kenya and Agape OVC in Uganda…

At Gathaithi OVC, the progress is good, everything is looking up on our Vocational Training Centre; we are just working on a few things and we will be starting off with the Training very soon.

As for now, we still need to get Oxygen tanks, and other accessories that comes along with it including, Oxygen fittings, Oxygen Flow Metres and Selector Valves…This is for the Mig Welder that we acquired recently…on this, we need $1250 to get this done.

We also need $250 for the Licensing and Permits from the relevant authorities to start off the Vocational Training…we will be meeting with the County officials tomorrow to have this done, and get the go ahead…we will really appreciate if we can get this amount as soon as possible.

Still on the Vocational centre, we need the Industrial Wood Lathe amounting to $1450…This will come in handy for the Carpentry Classes to create functional furniture components and for other beautiful decorative wood projects.

On replenishing our Wood/Lumber supply, we need a total of $360 and $400 to top up our steel supply and Welding supplies. We will be needing much of this (Lumber and Steel) for our classes. Still on the list of our topping up, we need another $300 for Safety equipment and accessories.

Also to note is the basketball pitch for Gathaithi OVC, we just finished mounting the basketball hoop, painted the backboards that are now ready to fix up. We are more than excited and now warming up to get the teams ready for some basketball action…! We also did a little bit of painting in the kitchen on the preparations table and everything is now brightened up.

At Agape OVC, we just acquired a Deep Freezer, we have been pushing for this and we are very happy that we are now done with this. The children can never be more grateful. Thank you everyone who made this possible.

We also got a sack of clothes for the children here at Agape OVC, attached herein are the videos of the same.  

Thank you everyone for your continued support. To our new partners, kindly go through our website and see the different projects we are working on. You are so much welcomed to contribute in any little way. You can always channel your contributions on the different DONATION buttons on the different segments of the website or reach out to us for any assistance.

Thank you and God bless.

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