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AUGUST 30TH  2023 MISSIONS UPDATE : Gathaithi OVC (Kenya) and Agape OVC (Uganda) –

Good evening everyone, a regular update on our current projects at our Orphanages – Agape OVC – Uganda and Gathaithi OVC – Kenya…

We have heard quite a busy and fruitful week at Agape OVC, the children helped with the land preparation and we are now ready to replant some vegetables…spinach and kales do great here and now that we have a deep freezer, the surplus will be well preserved if need be…

We however need to double up the capacity of the solar input and the storage batteries to keep up with the now relatively high-power consumption here.

We are really trying to raise another $2270 to help us get the extra Solar Panels and the extra batteries plus any other accessories that will come with the installation of the same.

The current storage and input aren’t quite enough to keep the Freezer running all through the night, so we desperately need to double up the input and the storage.

As it’s now, the Landlord that leases the land for the Orphanage has agreed to let us plug in the Freezer in his house which is next door. We will do so before we can get the power upgrade.

Also to note is that we cleared off the balance for this year’s Land rent yesterday.

Please help us to fundraise for the same so we can get the Freezer running all day, all night…its an appliance we really had to get. With the high food prices, the freezer comes in handy as getting vegetables and meat supply in bulk saves us a lot from the weekly basic needs, funds that can be channeled to other needs…

As for Gathaithi OVC, we are in the process of registering the new Vocational Class…It’s going to take about a week to ten days and we will have everything licensed, registered and in compliance with the government regulations.

We are kindly calling on more partners to come on board and help us do more for these children, go through the website and find any of our projects you might love to contribute on… you can always channel your contributions on the different donate buttons on the website or reach out for any area you might need clarity.

Baruch Hashem.

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