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6th November 2023 Update: Ministry Update –

Good morning everyone, here is a brief update to keep you on the know with our progress at our different Orphanages.

We just had a fun filled weekend with the kids; as we had highlighted on our previous update, we had to do some recreational activities to free up these kids after a long academic year. We had a barbeque treat, ice creams and a whole lot of fun games. It was a success and we thank every partner who made this possible.

Moving forward, we are also grateful to everyone who has channeled their support for school fees for the new academic term after this Festive Holiday. We have received a total of $400 towards the same and we are still in need of $500 to have this sorted and done with. So, for now we are calling for your support to raise $500. Your contribution to this will go a long way.

For the OVC Vocational Classroom, we need $2500 for a collapsible mobile tent to do all our spray paint. We have been pondering about this and we now have everything figured out. This amount is also inclusive of air paint equipment, powder coating and any other thing that will be met in setting up this.

You can always channel your contributions on the different donation buttons on the website; or reach out for help in doing the same.

Thank you and God Bless…

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