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[8:34 PM, 5/15/2022] Blair Winnipeg: We want to begin by thanking all of you for your prayers and support…..
Without Adonai and your faithfulness none of this would be possible.

We were able to pay the balance of $480 for school fees Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi
Baruch Hashem ❤️

We were able to get baby Testimony and Aron to hospital for consultation with plastic surgery specialist…. they are both going back on the 31st and Arons surgery for his hand will be booked.
This will not be an easy surgery… We are asking for another $900 balance for his surgeries.. the surgeon is confident after this he will have full use of his hand.
Baruch Hashem ❤️

Next We have started and almost finished the overhang over the girl’s side Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi….
This overhang was Badly needed as the foundation walls were starting to show cracks from eroding footings…. This would have cost us a lot of money if we would have left this…. So thank you to the people who have helped us to get this started…..
We bought all the materials with a $700 deposit we now owe a balance of $900 which we need to have by the end of this coming week.

Once we have this paid then we will be doing the cement sidewalk all the way around…. We are projecting this to be around $1800 for cement….
Also we desperately need weekly partners that can that can commit to $20 a week on our basic needs for food for these orphanages…
We have really been struggling these last months getting this money in on time…. And the price of food has really jumped as we are experiencing storages..
Thank you all so much for your prayer and support and please please please please consider donating today.
[9:16 PM, 5/15/2022] Blair Winnipeg: Good morning, Boker Tov, from our family here in Kenya.
Waking up yesterday Sabbath morning was such a blessing as I sat with my children and I teach them the promises of Adonai, and our strength comes from.

I taught a lesson about what it truly means to have a solid Rock Foundation of faith and understanding.
This was an appropriate lesson for this day and time.
Because for those who do not have a good solid rock Foundation, solid rock footing during this time of trial and tribulation, many are going to sink into a dark pit of despair.

Today’s lesson is mostly for the Christian church because this is something the Messianics truly have a grasp of…… and that is what is meant by ” Christ / Hamashiach our Solid Rock “

I am never here to bash people for being misled or misunderstanding of scriptures. Primarily I want people to learn how to put things in Context as everything must be read in context in scripture.

So today this message is for my wonderful Christian brothers and sisters to help them to get deeper, and have a stronger footing, so they don’t sink into the sand during this trial and tribulation we are entering.
Baruch Hashem


” But each one should build with care. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is in Christ / Messiah. “
1st Corinthians chapter 3 Verses 10 and 11 New Living Translation

Today because this message is more targeted to the Christian audience we are quoting from a more Christian friendly translation.
This passage of scripture is probably one of the most taken out of context passages in many of the Christian churches.
Is it is one passage that many people believe all we have to do is believe and the rest is done for us.

So this teaching today will go hand-in-hand with yesterday’s teaching about what it truly means to, ” Rest in G-d “.

If the foundation we build our lives upon is faulty, then our lives will be built on sand. As hard as we try to behave well and do what is right, when the going gets tough we will falter and fail, because our thinking is built on a faulty premise. Our thinking is what determines our beliefs and our beliefs determine our behaviour.

Many of Rav Saul’s / Paul’s letters illustrate this. He divides them into two parts…… the first is usually his doctrinal teaching, and the second is the Ethical application of it.
In the middle, we often find ” therefore, ” which links the two together.
” This is what you need to believe ” says Paul, ” Therefore, this is how you need to behave “.
That is why it is vitally important we properly understand what we believe, because this is what determines our actions.
Going back to yesterday’s teaching, 10 out of the 12 did not believe they should enter Canaan, because of that doubt the Israelites spent another 38 years in the desert and many perished.

To build our lives on a solid Foundation our behaviour needs to be utterly consistent with what we believe and know to be true.
In the Gospel of Mattiyahu / Mathew, Yeshua tells the parable of the man who Hears His Words and put them into practice. He wisely builds his house on rock and it withstands the storms, but the foolish man who hears His Words but does not put them into practice builds his house on sand. When the rain came, the streams rose and the winds beat against the house, and and it fell with a great crash. Mathew 7:24-27.

The Assumption frequently made is that the sand represents a foundation built on anything but Christ / Hamashiach, and the rock represents a foundation in Christ / Hamashiach.
Yeshua/ Jesus said the wise man who built his house on rock was the man who ” HEARS THESE WORDS OF MINE AND PUTS THEM INTO PRACTICE, “
The foolish man who built his house on sand, ” HEARS THE WORDS OF YESHUA/ JESUS, BUT DOES NOT PUT THEM INTO PRACTICE. “
The Rock represents OBEDIENCE !!!!
The sand represents DISOBEDIENCE !!!!!
So please one more time, explain to me how the law is nailed to the cross ?

Our actions and behaviour are a logical consequence of what we believe. What is in the heart the mouth will speak…. and whatever our mouth speaks we will put into action and this is the fruit spoken of when we can see a true follower of Messiah.
When our Foundation is securely rooted in Yeshua Hamashiach/ Jesus Christ, we live on the basis of what Hashem YHVH has revealed in His Word.
Yeshua tells us a day of judgement is coming, and it will not be our beliefs under scrutiny, BUT OUR ACTIONS !!!
Naked, did you clothe me ??
Our actions do not exist in isolation, but are a result of what lives under the surface!!!

I ask for Your help in conforming my behaviour to my firm belief in Your Word, and make You the Rock Foundation upon which i build my life.
Thank You Adonai Amein

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