Weekly Updates

We want to begin by thanking all of you for your prayers and support…..
Without Adonai and your faithfulness none of this would be possible.

We were able to pay the balance of $480 for school fees Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi
Baruch Hashem ❤️

We were able to get baby Testimony and Aron to hospital for consultation with plastic surgery specialist…. they are both going back on the 31st and Arons surgery for his hand will be booked.
This will not be an easy surgery… We are asking for another $900 balance for his surgeries.. the surgeon is confident after this he will have full use of his hand.
Baruch Hashem ❤️

Next We have started and almost finished the overhang over the girl’s side Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi….
This overhang was Badly needed as the foundation walls were starting to show cracks from eroding footings…. This would have cost us a lot of money if we would have left this…. So thank you to the people who have helped us to get this started…..
We bought all the materials with a $700 deposit we now owe a balance of $900 which we need to have by the end of this coming week.

Once we have this paid then we will be doing the cement sidewalk all the way around…. We are projecting this to be around $1800 for cement….
Also we desperately need weekly partners that can that can commit to $20 a week on our basic needs for food for these orphanages…
We have really been struggling these last months getting this money in on time…. And the price of food has really jumped as we are experiencing storages..
Thank you all so much for your prayer and support and please please please please consider donating today.

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