Boker Tov Haverim

Good morning everyone

These last 4 weeks have been amazing for our missions with awesome breakthrough last week…… but yet even though there is so much to celebrate…. one of the greatest spiritual battles I have faced yet looms.

Many times, we need to make choices we would rather ignore.

 But this is a time where we are going to have to take a stand…. A FIRM STAND…. and separate ourselves completely from those who have the wrong spirit in them.

There are very few pure teachers out there anymore.

So many are deflecting from the deity of Messiah…… focusing on his ethnic background and completely ignoring the fact this was simply the vehicle for Hashem to visibly manifest Himself to mankind.

We are getting so wrapped up in what might be anti-semitism, that it is no different than what Black Lives Matter are doing….  And now condemning gentiles.

We need REVERENCE !!!

We need PERSPECTIVE!!!!!

But most of all we need to RESPECT and FEAR ADONAI!!!!

Many years ago, this first started for me with people obsessing over the Divine name for G-d.

And it seems the problem is rising again.


We DO NOT call our parents by their first names or given names…. Because we have respect and reverence for them.

Are you people treating your biological earthly parents better than you do your creator?

If we have this respect for our biological parents…. how on Earth can we ever imagine that we don’t have to have that same respect for our Creator?

Ignoring the way, the Israelites… the Hebrew people….  the nation of Israel…. and how they worship and obey Hashem?

This is not about their ethnic background or being Jewish.

They are the people who give us the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

It is through Abraham’s seed and Covenant that we have this opportunity as Gentiles or Jews.

We need to focus NOT on the fact that Messiah was Jewish!!!  but that He was GOD MANIFESTED IN A MAN….. and that HE is coming a second time as HE IS GOD MANIFESTED AS A WARRIOR KING ON A WAR HORSE WITH A SWORD.

People think because there are going to be sacrifices done in the millennium that it’s a Jewish thing…….lol….

I am speaking to you as a Jew…. a descendant of Judea….  With family who were Northern European Jews that actually had to hide their Jewish identity in order to save their lives.

The Jews did not create the 613 Commandments and addendums.

The Jews did not create any of the biblical Feasts they did not create the sacrifices…… as a matter of fact for the most part as I read my Tanakh they made a mess of things…… we were constantly stiff-necked and very self-centered and self-fulfilling.

The lineage of Messiah came through King David a man who killed one of his best friends in order to be with his wife who he impregnated!

Is this something we are proud of?

Look at the complete bloodline of Messiah and see there is even Moabite in Him…… even a prostitute….

When it says in scripture, He came for the Lost sheep of Israel…… this is because they were broken and lost…. their religious leaders were prideful just as they are today among the Messianic teachers and leaders…. many of them holding the Mishnah and Talmud in high regard.

So many Coming from Christian backgrounds and thinking they are finding Torah are now actually denying the deity of Messiah coming up with ridiculous doctrines that are no different than Jehovah’s Witnesses.

This is a time of Separation my friends.

There are sides being drawn and that’s just the way it is!

Stop putting your faith in a man with a new revelation of Hebraic roots, Jewish revelation breakthrough or whatever you want to call it…. get back into prayer, study and repentance!

Stop being a lazy believer read the Bible daily word for word cover to cover and continually pray for understanding and deliverance.

The hour has come that they will not receive sound Doctrine.

My faith has shaken, I was brought to my knees in prayer for direction, humbled myself and now I know the direction I have to go.

I pray that you will find the same path…. because the road is narrowing…. it is becoming more and more defined every day.

Today I will teach on a very important message the communion with  Hashem.  I want you all to really pray about this today love you all Shavua Tov Shalom MISHPACHAH.

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