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Our current pending projects/needs here in Agape OVC – Uganda

Good evening everyone, warm greetings from Agape OVC in Uganda. The going here is good, we are keeping up one day at a time…a little strain here and there with the weekly basic needs but we have had partners who walk with us all through. Thank you so much, and for those who will also love to become regular partners, we welcome you with both hands.

We have a few pending projects that we’ve had to postpone over and over again due to inadequate funding, we hope to get more partners so we can go over and above just getting them their basic needs.

As it’s in our original aspiration, we want to get these Orphanages to be more self-sufficient, to cater for themselves so they don’t have to go through this cycle of dependence. That is our ultimate dream. It’s for this that we are kicking them off with a few projects to help in launching the dreams we having for them. We don’t really need to start big, but with the right footing, we will just be right on course.

Our current pending projects/needs here in Agape OVC includes –

Medical Funds -$500: We are yet to get enough funding to set up a medical kitty; we are looking to start off with $500…as we had highlighted on our previous updates, we are often caught off-guard when we have a sick child. With the medical kitty, we will be good and not have to go through all the stress that comes with these uncertainties.

Freezer – $800: This has also been on our to-do list for quite a while. We need $800 to get them a good Freezer. As we had indicated on some previous posts here, this appliance will be of much help when we are having a lot of perishables like vegetables and fruits especially in the rainy season like now. With what we get from our garden especially, it will just feel terrible to have it go to waste. We don’t get much, only that with vegetables, sometimes we have to get enough, it’ easier and cheaper and helps us to manage our weekly needs.

Chicken – $600: We started very well with this project as you can see in the attached videos below. The run is good, we are doing very well on this only that we are kindly requesting for your support to help us get more chicken and probably some geese. We need $600 on this. The geese will be particularly good to keep off the snakes, they are good to have them here with the chicken for other many reasons.

Farm Manure – $450: We are also looking at getting them a truckload of manure to improve their soil fertility, you can see in one attached video below, the soil here needs some really good boosting. The manure will just be as good. Having these will also increase the yield, especially with the vegetables.

We are kindly calling for more partners to help make a change in these little ones’ lives. To our current partners, we can never be more grateful, it’s for you that the lives of these African children are improving. God bless you.

To our new partners, you can go through the website and see what it’s you would love to be part of, be it our basic needs or the projects. You can also donate on the different buttons on this website; if you will, you can also indicate where you would love your support to go. We can always send a receipt for the same upon your request. Thank you and God bless.

Click on these videos below to get to our channel and see more of what we do.

Gardening at Agape Orphanage in Uganda
Poultry Project at Agape OVC in Uganda
Provision of Basic Needs at Agape OVC in Uganda
An appeal for Medical Funding for Agape Orphanage in Uganda

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