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An update on our progress so far…Sorry for the delayed updates on the progress at Agape Orphanage (Uganda) and Gathaithi OVC (Kenya)…

Good evening, everyone, first is to sincerely apologize for the late updates. We have been dormant a little bit on keeping up with the updates; we had a bit of hiccups with updating but everything on the website is now restructured and we are now back to timely updates. More so, you can now donate easily on the DONATE buttons on our websites.

All in all, our progress on both Agape Orphanage and Gathaithi OVC has been great, we have accomplished much and everything is well documented as attested on the attached videos below.

Going back to our call on the last updates, we have accomplished quite a lot and these includes –

  • The first phase of the Solar Power at Agape Orphanage is now done, the lighting is now up and running. We are now looking up to the second phase to enable us power appliances requiring high power consumption. We shall update all our partners when we are ready for the same.
  • We are done with the septic, the toilets and the bathrooms. We really had to do this; it was an urgent call as matters hygiene over here was wanting as evidenced in the videos attached below. We are really grateful for everyone who walked with us on this and helped accomplished this much. Be blessed.
  • The Farming over here – Agape Orphanage is up and running, they are now able to grow some of their foods like veggies and this is significantly cutting down on the daily needs’ expenses, its only once in a while we treat them to barbeque or such meals – at least for a change; we have attached some videos to attest to this. As on our original aspiration, we want to make these Orphanages as self-sufficient as possible. Much appreciation to every of our partners that make this possible.    

These past few weeks, we have been tied up on getting school fees, school supplies including school uniforms and books to get the children back to school at both Agape Orphanage and Gathaithi OVC.

We are happy that a few of our partners came through on this and helped in the fundraising call to get the children back to school. We are grateful to you all.

Our next urgent call is at Gathaithi OVC, where we are looking up to replace the lights. The current ones are so outdated, dim and light poorly. On this, we are looking at 2000 CD to help put up new ones. We had to replace the ones in the kitchen as they were in their most desperate states.

We will keep you up to speed with the progress on the same and other projects on our update next weekend.

We are calling upon more partners to come on board and consider chipping in on our numerous projects in our Orphanages. Kindly consider becoming a partner today.

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