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Good morning from Kenya

I am so glad that I am not seeing these ridiculous posts from too many of these Christian Prophets and evangelists, telling the people who want their ears tickled, that this is a time of Revival.

 Revival can only come through true repentance.

I have yet to see on either side of the Christian and Hebrew’s argument…. Anyone address the fact that there are 1050 commandments in the New Testament.

 All of this argument over the law, but no one is addressing the fact, that there are more commandments in the smaller section of the Bible, then there is in the entire Old Testament Tanakh.

Hashem is handing over the nations to their own desires and hearts.

This is not a time of judgement any more than it is a time of Revival.

This is a time of trial and testing in order to bring about correction, and repentance, that would be the final goal.

Handing people over to their wicked ways is how Hashem wakes people up to what their desires and sinful nature brings.

During this time, the most important of our commissions given by our G-d is to be implemented!

And that is to make Disciples Talmidian!

Of all Nations tribes and tongues and baptizing them, in other words bringing them to repentance so that they are to be cleansed, washed clean in the blood of Yeshua in Mitzvah.


” All authority in heaven and on Earth has been given to me.

Therefore, go and make people from all Nations into TALMIDIAN/ DISCIPLES immersing them into the reality of the Father, the Son and Ruach HaQuodesh, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you.

And remember! I will be with you always, yes, even until the end of the age. “

Mattiyahu/ Mathew 28 :18-20

The Great Commission will be familiar to many of us as the focal point of missions, sermons and conferences.

We often emphasized the importance of going out into the world to preach and serve…. but to….  ” GO “is not actually the primary verb in these verses!!

We can go somewhere and accomplish nothing!!

Baptism is a necessary expression of a person’s response to Yeshua Hamashiach, but our job is not to accumulate as many baptisms or decisions for Messiah as possible.

And as much as the Hebrew roots people hate to hear this… neither is it to teach people to obey.

These are all supportive words that make the main objective possible, which is to ” MAKE PEOPLE INTO TALMIDIAN/ DISCIPLES. “

If a church or congregation does not have disciple-making as its central thrust, you are simply rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic!

Missions work often prioritizes serving communities, helping the poor, putting up buildings, addressing Justice issues, distributing literature and putting on fundraising events, but in fact all of these things are merely temporal!

And I am speaking to you as a seasoned missionary!

The churches and congregations have always been a champion of these important acts of service, and we should definitely continue in these good works……. BUT WE MUST NOT LET THEM ECLIPSE OR OVERRIDE OUR MISSION TO MAKE DISCIPLES!!!

You don’t have to be away on missions to fall into this pattern…. even back home in your own neighborhood this happens, actually from what I see and my experience, this is more the case than not.

Sometimes we treat secondary concerns like engaging in worship, receiving teaching for counseling, our meeting together as a Messianic community as more important than disciple-making.

These activities are all very well meaning and good, but they are not the primary goal.

The biggest problem I see in North America is, just as there are people having problems with eating too much food physically, there is far too much focus on becoming spiritually fed and fat.

Things Have Become completely out of balance.

Is it our prayer that when our children leave a Bible study group, or Yeshevah Torah School, they have become Talmidian/ Disciples of Yeshua Hamashiach?

Do our churches, congregations, Messianic Synagogues organize their budgets and their financial support around making better programs, or better disciples?

Do we actually take part in small groups or weekly Bible studies with the Intent and expectation that these are times of discipleship?

Making disciples is not just a good idea, a suggestion or even a preferred model of ministry…… IT IS A COMMAND!

Hamashiach is the King of Kings, He is Adonai of lords, and He has commanded all of us corporately as the Ecclesia to make Disciples/ Talmidian of all Nations tribes and tongues!!!

Though a corporate agenda, this is one to which our personal agendas must not only be a contributing Factor, but should be our main focus and priority!!

You can be a follower of Messiah and choose to do your own thing, but you are living under your own authority, and this will lead to destruction.

A disciple maker is one who obeys the commandment, and lives their life under the only Authority. ….. Yeshua Hamashiach.

They sacrifice their time and their interests for what they have been commissioned to do.

They as individuals see acts of service and participation in Ministries not as ends in themselves, …… but actually as entry points by which we obey Messiah’s COMMAND to produce active, obedient, dependent and fruitful disciples.

Baruch Hashem

Our Prayer Heavenly Father

I want to be a disciple maker……

I want my priorities fixed on helping others discover You.

Help me submit to Your authority and begin fulfilling Your disciple-making mission.

Thank You Adonai Amein

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