Uganda Updates

Here is our latest Uganda update for May 22nd 2022…

We are a little bit late with getting to this because we have been having struggles with basic needs and other projects….. So we apologize for the delay…

But the children have been back in school for 2 weeks for the 2nd term…..
This means the school had to provide books…. Notebooks…. pens pencils Toiletries and a lunch program….. as well some uniform changes…. such as socks shirts …..

We have 60 children and the total need is $1800 Canadian…… $1600 USD…

This actually an urgent need Actually an urgent need… As we have been delayed.. So please pray for a miracle….
We are able to make this in installments so whatever amount you can afford please please donate today….

We can’t thank you enough for all of your prayers and support…..
But most of all we thank our Creator Heavenly Father our Great Provider

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