Weekly Updates

Here is our overall weekly update for our website Sunday…..

We have accomplished a few things again….
Completed the kitchen shelter Agape childrens home Uganda

Secured a deposit on the steel doors for the children’s home Uganda to replace the old wooden doors to keep the children safe as they sleep at night.

And as we can see we have the 10,000 litre water tank in place Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi….. We need to hook plumbing up we would like to get $200 for materials.

But we are still struggling to get our basic needs food for Tuesday we are falling behind once again….. $245

We have completely depleted our medical fund we definitely and desperately need help to build this up again….
Especially with Gathanithi Orphanage Nairobi Kenya
Our goal is to keep at least $1000 in this account….

Need help to buy seedlings and seeds for the next crop of vegetables to be planted Gathanithi Orphanage…. $150

Also the women in the orphanage desperately need new phones as there’s a broke down and we are not able to have communication which is very dangerous for them.
For three phone we need at least $600…. For three women.

And last of all…. We need to get building a security perimeter fence around the one acre property… Agape childrens home Uganda…. We are starting at $3000…. A wood frame in cement covered with iron sheets 6 ft high…. We also need to get iron gates….
It is in a very high crime area….. We need to have good security for these children….

Thank you for all of your prayers and support we are so grateful for all that you do…. We are praying you have a blessed week.
Baruch Hashem

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