Uganda Updates

Here’s a Sunday update for our website for Uganda Agape childrens home

Very happy to announce we have now finished the kitchen shelter for the orphanage….

Also we gave cash deposit for the remaining steel doors that have to be installed into the building replacing the old wooden doors for best security for the children….
Monday or Tuesday they will be installed and finished…..

We are now moving on to the next phase we want to build a perimeter security fence with gates around the entire property which is one acre…..

Not sure on the entire cost but we are beginning fundraising at $3000…..
A wood frame cemented fence with iron sheets covering the wood frame…..

We will keep you updated on progress once we begin…..

Also we Urgently need people to help us with basic needs each week…. Every week we seem to be falling further and further behind getting food to these children

Please consider becoming a monthly or weekly partner….
Thank you all for your prayers and support have a great week….
Shavua Tov Shalom ?

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