Uganda Updates

Today we introduce our brand new orphanage in Uganda…. Agape childrens home.

We are blessed that we had a great outpouring of love when we first introduced the idea…. That a few people jumped on board willing to help financially.
Our oldest daughter has been working very hard in the last months near the eastern border of Uganda, trying to help with a great problem in a extremely impoverished community.With many orphaned and abandoned children.

We have secured the first six months rent on a new building home for children …..we purchased 10 beds with blankets and pillows…..Picked up basic cooking supplies….. And started securing the building by closing off the old wooden doors with brick and a new steel security windows are coming….

We have much more work to do….. we need to replace the old wooden doors with steal doors for the front of the building as well …..And then our next focus will be to build a good security perimeter fence around the property with security Gates….

Right now we are seeking 5,000 dollars towards projects on this orphanage….

To start with we need to put steel doors and windows in the building for security replacing the old wooden doors…

We need to build an outer kitchen building for cooking out of the rain….

We need to build a security fence with gates around the perimeter of the property….

Also they need a water source we need to at least install a 5000 litre water tank

Our goal is to make this Is orphanage self sufficient within one year…. We cannot do this without your help

Please share with your friends family neighbours congregations and study groups…..

It is amazing how God is working throughout Eastern Africa…..Within the last couple of years we have now completed two orphanages self-sufficient…. Please pray and consider becoming a great change to the Future of helpless children in Eastern Africa Baruch Hashem ?❤️

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