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Here, School Fees is our Urgent Need…

On our last update herein for Gods’ Grace for Hope OVC in Uganda, we had called upon
our partners to come in and help raise funds to get mattresses. We had cleared with the bed frames earlier
and needed to have the kids start using them. Happy to let all of you know that we did get the matresses
as attested in the attached videos below. Thank you to all who came through for us on this one.

Our Current Needs –
School Fees:
As you are all aware of, we have 60 kids at Gods’ Grace for Hope OVC. 45 are solely in our care while the other remaining
15 are home based – at the care of guardians but all in all, we keep doing as much as we can for them. The schools just
reopened here, and in three weeks time, we will be needing 3000 CD for school fees.
We really had quite a task to get them start off this school term, which they did. We are now just looking at
settling the school arrears and other miscellenous in the schools.
Kindly log on to our Website and consider becoming a partner today.

Baruch Hashem.

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