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URGENT NEED: School Fees and Medical Fund Drive…

Good evening everyone,a regular update to keep you all abreast with our current doings
at Gathaithi Orphanage. The going is relatively good, we are keeping up quite well.
Our immense gratitude to all those who have time and again chipped in on our numerous projects
for these Orphans and Vulnerable children well being. We can never be more grateful. Thank You –

Our Urgent Needs:

Onto our current urgent needs, we are still in dire need of getting these children through school,
they just re-opened a couple of weeks ago but we are yet to clear on their school fees.
We are looking at 480 CD to clear on the school fees arrears for this term.
Another really urgent need that needs our attention is getting some 500 CD into the Medical Fund.
For those who are our regular partners and the visitors to our website, you know how much of a
challenge this has been to us. Every time we have a child who needs medical attention, it becomes
an uphill climb. You probably all know about Baby Testimony. If no, then go through our website
https://ministryandmissionafrica.org/ and you will get a clear picture of the real situation
in the face of anything needing some Funding.
If we can keep topping up on this Medical Pool and focusing on keeping it afloat, it will be for a greater good and we will not always find ourselves stranded whenever we have any cases that needs medical attention.
Onto our last need for now is to get an over-hang on the Girls’ Dormitory.
We are projecting this at 2500 CD to complete this project. We have really done much here to improve
on the living conditions and we are even looking up to doing more – if you will be so kind as to join
your hands, and move in on our original aspiration of Changing Lives.
Kindly visit our Website https://ministryandmissionafrica.org/ and consider becoming a partner today.
Baruch Hashem.



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