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I am coming to you today with a very important message that we need to heed as we have entered into great tribulation.

You are not going to find your way through this through any pulpit preacher.

You really you really need to grasp what it means to be born again, in the Spirit, that only through the wireless connection with Hashem you will be able to discern truth from fiction. And then step out in trust/ faith and obey the direction you must go.
Baruch Hashem


Adonai said to Avram go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.
Genesis chapter 12 verse 1

Adonai does not promise. Obedience will be convenient. People generally hope their lives will be comfortable and their jobs secure. Avram, however learned quickly that Adonai’s calling does not always aligned with such Comforts of conveniences. Adonai ask him to leave his country his people and even his father’s household, but Avram compromised and took his father, Terah, and his nephew, Lot along with their belongings.

We rarely want to leave anything behind that is familiar and convenient. We would prefer to take the easy Road, the one that is predictable and certain. Most of us would favor the call that keeps Us close to our families and allows us to live a relatively comfortable life. We want the job that has a steady salary and allows us to live and work in a safe neighborhood.

Desiring such Comforts is normal, but Yeshua Warrants that becoming one of his disciples might cost us these comforts. He explains in Luke Chapter 14 verse 26, ” if anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children brothers and sisters– yes, even their own life- such a person cannot be my disciple.” Yeshua is not referring to a literal hatred here!! There is no English word equivalent to the Greek word used for hate……. but what is meant is ” to choose one over the other!” Any allegiances we may have must be secondary to the allegiance we have to Adonai.

Comfort convenience and caring for family and friends are good things, but obedience to Adonai May sometimes require us to leave those things behind. The result of Avram’s partial obedience lead to lengthy delays in the progress he otherwise would have made. On the way to the land Adonai would show him, he stopped in Haran, a lush, prosperous City, and settled there, possibly for years. It was not until Avram’s father died that he was reawakened to Adonai’s calling and finally moved on. Lot also proved to be heavy baggage that would later weigh Avram down.

While the gospel and salvation are free……… the cost of continual obedience to Messiah is not cheap!!!!!!! There is a reason Yeshua tells his disciples to consider the cost before following him!! Luke Chapter 14 verse 28 -31. For the majority of us, Adonai requires our service right where we are, but we need to be prepared to leave our comfort and conveniences. The wonderful thing is that as Adonai Works in us, His desires become our desires, and whatever task Elohim calls us to takes precedence in our lives. The reward of intimacy with Adonai will not only result in growth of His Kingdom, but will reap on Eternal reward that far outweighs the cost.

Our prayer:
Heavenly Father may I be willing to leave behind whatever it takes to follow your calling. Grant me your peace strength and wisdom in every task you call me to.
Thank you, Adonai AMEIN,

Baruch Hashem Shalom MISHPACHAH[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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