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Our urgent needs at Agape OVC – Getting a Deep Freezer and a reliable supply of Basic Needs..

Good evening everyone, a brief update on the progress at Agape OVC in Uganda.

The going is good here, we thank God and all our partners who in every way make the running here easy for us.  We just have recurring problems with getting the weekly basic needs, especially now that we are having hiked food prices here in Uganda. It’s nearing the electioneering period here and things are a bit hard here.

We are humbly calling for more partners to help us in getting the basic needs every week. As things are now, we are budgeting everything to 70 USD. This will cater for every week’s budget that will include a regular supply of proteins. We just got them chicken this week, it was their first supply of this kind. You can see those happy faces on the attached videos below. We can never be more grateful. If we can get more partners to help with the regular supply, everything will look up for good.

So for now, kindly help us in raising the 70 USD for the weekly basic needs…

Another urgent call from Agape OVC is to get them a Freezer, this has been pending for quite sometimes now. We also need to get some gardening tools, and a truckload of manure to help in increasing their gardening yields and consequently cut down their basic needs, foodwise.

On this, we are looking to raise 1900 USD, this will include the purchase of the Freezer, some few storage appliances, a truckload of manure, some gardening tools and the logistics that will be incurred on getting these.  We are kindly calling for every partner to help us do this.

As it is on our original aspiration, we are looking to get these Orphanages as self sufficient as possible.

We have attached a few videos to assess the current needs here at Agape OVC. Kindly share this with your family and friends and help us get as many partners to change more lives for these little ones.

Baruch Hashem.

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