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6th July 2023 Update: Drywall ceiling coming up nicely…almost done…

Good evening everyone, a brief update on the progress of the drywall ceiling at Gathaithi OVC…

Happy to let all of you know that the progress is great; we now have all the funds to cover for the Taping, scheming, mudding, sanding and the eventual painting. We are so grateful to all our partners who made this possible, we could never have achieved this without your overwhelming support. Thank you for all the love and the support.

A considerable amount of work has been put in this project and we will be completing very soon. You can follow up with the progress from the attached videos below.

Another thing we did recently is installing a new door and some new windows in one of the classrooms. On this, we have seen the need to get some new tools to have work like this easily done. We have therefore donated some tools to aid in any Carpentry, Electrical or Masonry work here. We are also looking at the possibility of starting a Vocational Training here in future. Some apprenticeships here and there will do good for now. On this, we still need more tools for the vocation and the various work here. We are looking to fundraise for this. $4000 is the amount we will need to get most of the tools.

Also, we are calling up for more partners to ease the burden we are having in the supply of basic needs and the various projects we do often. As for now, we are also looking to set Up a Medical Fund Kitty here. We had called upon to do the same in Uganda – Agape OVC but we are yet to get there.

Currently as we are, we are so stretched for emergency funds to cater for medical expenses anytime we are having these emergencies. If we can have partners to look into a kitty to look into this, then things will be easier for us.

Thanks again everyone for your love, prayers and support…we will be updating you soon on the progress of the current project here – the drywall ceiling and our subsequent projects. Follow up our website for more and kindly, consider becoming a partner today.

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