Prayer and Our Relationship with Hashem

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If there is one thing our family has learned over this last 6 years…. it is we definitely do not question the authority of our Heavenly Father’s voice.
Walking by Faith and not by sight is not an easy task.
As a matter of fact, it is very frightening most of the time.
What we humans believe to be common sense, for the most part, becomes nonsense when trying to figure out the direction our Creator takes us.

So many times, in the last 6 years we had everything from a crisis of faith, ready to give up so many times…. trying to understand why our heavenly Father allows so much to happen in this world…. has really shaped and molded us.
It is through these trials and tribulations that we are taught.
When you truly get a grasp of what it means to be long suffering… the rewards are immeasurable.
So today we are going to discuss the key ingredient needed in order for this shaping and molding to take place.

Enjoy the teaching.


” Let my prayer be like incense set before you,
My uplifted hands like an evening sacrifice.”
Tehillim/ Psalms 141:2

When asked what is one of the key ingredients to any relationship, we will find that the answer is always communication.
Every time human relationships fall apart; it is almost always because of a breakdown in communication.
When we stop talking, we also stop listening; in fact, when we stop listening, it is probably more crucial than stopping talking.
Even friendships dry up because we stop spending time together.

I have had some people come to me with this concern many times saying; ” I am a Christian / I am a Messianic Believer; I believe in G-d and I love Yeshua/ Jesus. But what I can’t seem to understand is why my Christian/ Messianic life feels so dry.
G-d/ Hashem YHVH seems so distant to me. ”
I would then follow up with a question asking; ” How much time do you spend alone with Adonai?”
And response I almost always receive is, ” Thats my weak spot. ”
Of course, Adonai is distant if they do not spend time listening and talking to Him.
Prayer brings us into relationship with Adonai, that is, it brings us into communication. Hence, when the Messianic life becomes dull, when Adonai becomes distant, when our spiritual experiences become dry, we can be very sure that there is very little prayer going on.

I believe one of the most important lessons we learn from the Sabbath, is that the busyness of the week always separates us from Hashem, and the Sabbath brings us back as we rest in Him, communicate with Him, coming back into intimate relationship with Him.

When we pray, we are journeying into the heart of Elohim.
In Bill Hybel’s book TO BUSY NOT TO PRAY, he explains how for 20-odd years he had not taken time to pray with any discipline or regularity.
Yet, when he began to restructure his life so there was time to pray, he recounts, …… ” My Prayer life has been Transformed. The greatest fulfillment has NOT been the list of miraculous answers to prayers I have received, although that has been wonderful. The greatest thrill has been the quantitative difference in my relationship with G-d. And when I started to pray, I didn’t know that was going to happen.”
For Hybel’s, his motive to pray was that there are a lot of things he needed to bring Adonai into, such as his life, congregation and church, and nation.
But the greatest thing he discovered is that suddenly, he began to love and enjoy relationship with Elohim in a new way!

For us, prayer is like the oxygen of the soul…… when we deny ourselves of the oxygen we need, we will begin to starve, and die.
If we are experiencing dryness in our relationship with Adonai, will we then make a commitment to spend time daily in Prayer?
And then will we commit to not only listening to the voice of Adonai, but to obey that still quiet voice?
Believe me, because we have been walking by Faith for over 25 years…. the greatest change you will ever find in your life from praying…. are not in the physical gifts and financial abundance this world offers…. but instead, the quality of your relationship with Adonai our Elohim.

Heavenly Father, thank You that my relationship with You is where I find the deepest needs of my heart being fulfilled.
Because the deepest need of my heart is my relationship with You.
Help me commit to spending time daily with You in prayer and conversation with You. Baruch Hashem Amein
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