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What a blessed day it has been.

When we rest and commune with our creator we return restored and renewed.
During this time of communion with my heavenly Father…. there has been so much downloaded into my spirit. As I look out onto this ocean of postings by the believers….. I see a great Falling Away happening already. Fear is gripping so many people…. all of the things in this world that are happening right now…. are allowed by Hashem YHVH for a reason.
And one of the most prominent reasons that I can see…
Is screaming at us and we are not getting it !!

Enjoy today’s teaching


” is not the whole land before you ? Let’s part company.
If you go to the left, I will go to the right ; if you go to the right,
I will go to the left.” B’rsheet / Genesis 13:9

Self preservation comes naturally to us. We base important decisions on what is in our best interest, but it is this attitude that lies at the heart of Lot’s life continually spiralling downward.

When Avraham and Lot returned to Canaan from Egypt, their Caravans, flocks and herds had grown so large that the land could not support them both. This led to quarreling among their herdsman and at Avraham’s suggestion, they decide to part ways. He first gives Lot his choice of land. B’rsheet / Genesis 13:10 says, ” Lot looked around and saw the whole plane of Jordan towards Zoar was well watered, like the garden of the L-rd…” This lush, furtile land was naturally appealing to Lot, and unsurprisingly , he chose it. Avraham settled for the harsher, barren land to the West.

While there is nothing wrong in wanting good land, the problem here is that Lot put his self interest before Hashem G-d. Totally dishonoring his uncle who went against Adonai by bringing his family along and not leaving them behind as was commanded…. …. rather than acting on faith, he resorted to rational, self-centered thinking, self preservation not caring at all for his elderly family and what they would have to put up with, completely detaching himself from G-d. This is the natural tendency of a sinful heart ! If we are walking with Adonai, He shifts our attitudes to new, selfless ways of thinking that ultimately work to our benefit, regardless have how illogical it seems at the time.

Avraham, on the other hand, did not worry over how he would survive in a non fertile land. His attitude was one of dependents on Adonai, 100% trusting Him to keep His promises. YHVH Hashem reinforces His Covenant with Avraham in giving him and his offspring all the surrounding land as far as the eye could see and making his descendants into a great nation as numerous as the stars in the sky ! Where Avraham pitched his tents in Hebron, he built another altar to Adonai, demonstrating his trust and dependency on G-d.

Avraham’s selflessness is again seen when Four Kings from surrounding territories attacked Sodom where lot had pitched his tents, and captured him and his possessions. Avraham could have adopted a ” serves him right ” attitude, but he gathers 318 trained men and rescues his ungrateful nephew and those captured with him, along with their possessions. As we grow in our relationship with Adonai, we begin to develop the heart of Adonai. When we hear of a need, we help in whatever way we can, irregardless of the fact that the need is the person’s own doing !! Lot was motivated by self-interest and desire for security, but what initially seemed like the best choice to him had almost cost him everything. Though our actions and attitudes might seem irrational to others, we can be content like Avraham, knowing our security lies in Adonai,…..NOT OUR CIRCUMSTANCES!!!

Instead of focussing on what you think is your circumstances….
I want you all to pray and seek what it is Adonai is telling you through all of these circumstances today.

Our prayer
Heavenly Father
Grant me the faith and courage to trust your guidance over what seems logical to me.
And thank You Adonai, for always being able to depend on You.

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